What to Know About Pedicures

What to Know About Pedicures

Over the years, people have become increasing concerned about the health and well-being of their feet. This trend has even caused nail salons to adapt their services to better accommodate the needs and desires of their clientele. Patrons are now able to indulge their feet with relaxing massages, exfoliation techniques and even refreshing masks.

With that being said, you will need to take proper cautions as you would with any treatment. Additionally, keep in mind that not all pedicures are safe nor do they all deliver positive results. The American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society suggests the following in order to ensure an effective and safe pedicure:

  • Feet should be soaked for an estimated 10 minutes. This will assist in the softening and cleaning of the nails and skin.

Feet should be soaked for an estimated 10 minutes

  • Once your feet have been properly soaked, calluses should gently be removed with either an emery board, Hindu stone or a pumice stone. There are unlicensed pedicurists that will use a razor to cut or shave away calluses and this practice is neither safe nor legal.

calluses should gently be removed

  • Cuticles will need to be pushed back with a Hindu stone or an orange stick. Although cuticles are a normal part of the name that offers protection against infection and bacteria; overhanging cuticles need to be trimmed. Any trimming that exceeds the nail margin and/or draws blood is highly unsafe.

Beautician trimming cuticles female client. Manicure spa beauty salon

  • Toe nails need to be trimmed straight across and not in a pattern that is curved. This will assist in the prevention of ingrown toenails while allowing the nails to advance as a single unit. When toe nails are cut in a curved pattern affords the recessed edges the ability to grow into the skin. A licensed pedicurist will need to take care as to not trim the nails too short since this will promote ingrown toe nails. Nails should not overhang the edge of the toe and a few millimeters of skin should be visible just beyond the margin of the nail.

Toe nails need to be trimmed

  • In order to maintain a straight edge, the nail edge should always be refined with an emery board.
  • Moisturizing lotion or cream will need to be applied to the nail margins and skin.

foot massage

  • The cream or lotion will need to be gently massaged into the feet. A properly executed foot massage will assist in relieving aching, tired and tense feet. A good reflexologist will be able to address points on the foot that are connected to other body parts while ailments can be relieved. For instance, addressing the ball of the foot is believed to be able to assist in lung function whereas addressing the heel will assist in ailments to the lower back.
  • Pedicures should be spaced out an estimated eight weeks apart.

Should you adhere to the above guidelines, your feet and body will feel [slightly] rejuvenated after each pedicure. Additionally, you will be able to be proactive in protecting your feet during the course of a pedicure whether it is performed at home or by a professional in a salon.


Arnold is a professional marathon runner, and knows how painful sore feet can be. Not only does he love having his feet and leg muscles massaged by a professional, he enjoys the same relaxing feeling in his own home. This has lead him to start reviewing different home foot massagers and spas so everyone can have the same rejuvenating experience. When Arnold is not trying out the latest foot massagers, he can be found running along the beach with his dog Max.