Millions of people have occupations that require them to be on their feet all day, every day. Once they get home and take off their shoes and relax, putting on another pair may be the last thing they want to do. However, by wearing massage sandals, they can relax and get the benefits of a foot massage.


How Massage Sandals Work

How Massage Sandals Work

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Massage Sandals, which are also known as reflexology sandals, work by using acupressure on the feet. There are pressure points on the bottoms of the feet, as there are throughout the body, which is linked to internal organs and other areas of the body.

For example, there are areas on the big toe connected to the head and the cerebellum, so massaging that part of the foot may help relieve headaches. Some areas of the arch are connected to the stomach, lungs, and bronchi, depending on their location on the arch.

Stimulating the pressure points can reduce stress, increase blood circulation, and provide many other health benefits. The sandals have different designs as some of them are made with stones on the sole to provide acupressure to the feet.

Other designs include sandals with textured soles made from foam that have rows of nodules that look like an “egg crate” or they may have synthetic soles with small nubs that provide pressure to the bottoms of feet. We have chosen five of the best pairs of massage sandals on the market for this review.


How We Chose Our Ratings

To provide the most accurate information to our readers, we’ve read reviews and testimonials from customers who’ve bought and worn the sandals. We also considered the manufacturers who made them and the quality of the products for which they are known.

After reviewing all the information regarding the massage sandals, we then gave each pair a star rating. The rating system is from one to five stars, with five being the best rating. Here are the five pairs we chose as the best massage sandals.


Top 5 Massage Sandals

If you work on your feet all day, these massage sandals can help relieve the aches and pain in your feet and provide the relaxation you need.


Adidas Men’s Adissage Sandals 4.2

Adidas Men’s Adissage Sandals

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These slide style sandals are made by one of the top athletic wear companies in the world, Adidas. They are made specifically to rest and revive tired feet. While they may be marketed for athletes, they can also help people who are on their feet all day, such as:

  • Nurses
  • Cashiers
  • Post office workers.
  • Factory workers.
  • Waiters

The sandals are synthetic with massaging footbeds lined with nubs that will cover almost the entire bottom of your foot. Most of the footbed is covered with small nubs or pods, but the area where the arches meet the sandal is covered by larger nubs.

The sandals are adjustable, so if your feet are swollen from being on them all day, you can adjust the strap to give your feet more room until the swelling goes down. These sandals are available in three colors:

  • New Navy/New Navy/Running White
  • Black/Black/White
  • Run White/Graphite/White

They are available for men in US sizes 3D(M) to 18D(M).


Adidas Original Women’s Adissage Sandals 4.2

Adidas Original Women’s Adissage Sandals

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These Adidas slides are made for women who have aching, tired feet at the end of the day. The Adissage slides are massage sandals that feature a footbed with nubs that stimulate the pressure points in the feet to provide relief from pain and aches.

The slides are made from synthetic materials with a rubber sole for better grip on floors. The sandals include a hook and loop strap that allows the sandals to be adjusted if you choose to wear socks or your feet are swollen. The strap has a bandage lining, so it dries quickly.

Anywhere you would wear sandals, you can wear these slides. Wear them to the gym, beach or to run errands instead of your regular shoes to take advantage of their ability to massage your feet. They are available in two colors: Black/Black/Running White and Black/Night Metallic/Shock Pink.

You can select from US women’s sizes 5B(M) to 10B(M).


Quiksilver Men’s Massage Sandals 4.2

Quiksilver Men’s Massage Sandals

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These massage sandals are made by one of the largest retailers of men’s surf- and sportswear Quiksilver. The sole and the strap are synthetic, so they are waterproof, which is perfect for water sports. The footbed has an egg crate design made from foam to massage the bottoms of tired feet.

If you are on your feet running errands, standing in one place or walking all day on the job, these flip flops can provide the relief that aching feet need. The footbed provides acupressure to massage and provides relief as you walk on them.

These sandals are available in two colors: Black/Grey/Black and Black/Green/Green, which is a camouflage design. They come in men’s sizes 6D(M) to 14D(M).


Gone for a Run PR Soles Recovery Sandals 4.0

Gone for a Run PR Soles Recovery Sandals

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Although these glides are made for athletes, runners specifically, to help them recover faster, anyone who spends time on their feet will benefit from wearing them. These would be a good choice for people who work on their feet all day and want their tired, aching feet to feel better.

The shoe is made from plastic, but the footbed has a foam cushion sole with an egg crate design that provides acupressure to wearers’ feet. The ACUPOINT sole stimulates the nerve endings to provide relief from aches and pains, improve blood flow, and provide pain relief for the lower back and legs as well.

Since the sandals are waterproof and the foam quickly dries, you can wear them anywhere. They come in five colors:

  • Black
  • Navy Blue/Pink
  • Black/Neon Green
  • Teal/Royal Blue
  • Patriotic – It is a Navy Blue shoe with red/white/blue footbed.

The second color listed for the shoes is the color of the footbed.

These are unisex shoes and come in sizes that should fit most teenagers and adults:

  • Large – Women’s 10-11 Men’s 9-10
  • Medium – Women’s 9-10 Men’s 8-9
  • Small – Women’s 7.5-9 Men’s 6.5-8
  • Extra Small – Women’s 6.5-7.5
  • Extra-extra Small – Women’s 5-6.5

Gone for a Run is a US-based business in Connecticut. They promise to make things right if you buy the shoes and return them to the company if there is a problem with them.


Bumpers Premium Men’s and Women’s Flip Flops Massage Sandals 3.9

Bumpers Premium Men’s and Women’s Flip Flops Massage Sandals

Photo credit to Amazon

If you want a waterproof massage sandal, then these Bumpers flip-flops may be perfect for you. They are made from recycled rubber, EVA, and other non-toxic, vegan materials. The footbed is made with small bumps to massage your feet to provide relief when they are tired and aching.

The acupressure can also make your feet and legs feel more energized as you walk on the sandals. When you get home and take off your shoes, slip these on when you run errands, go to the gym, or head to the pool or beach as they are designed for everyday wear.

The sandals are can be worn by either men or women, and they are available in 20 colors that should satisfy most adults. They are available in the US sizes 6 to 12, so they should fit most adult feet.

Bumpers stand behind their product with a lifetime guarantee. If you ever have any problem with the sandals, you can return them to the company for a refund.


Buyer’s Guide to Massage Sandals

Buying a pair of massage sandals is no different than buying any pair of shoes. You’ll want to find a pair that’s a good fit for your feet and are made from durable materials. If you do decide to wear the sandals to the beach or pool, look for materials that are waterproof or will dry quickly.

Most sandals have a synthetic or rubber sole, which is important for being around wet surfaces. The soles can help prevent slipping on slick floors or concrete. The footbed is especially important when purchasing massage sandals.

There are several footbed designs including sandals with a foam cushion “egg crate” design, nubs on the footbeds, or some sandals have small stones to provide acupressure to your feet. Choosing a footbed will be based on personal preference.0

For a softer footbed on which to walk and massage your feet, choose sandals made from foam cushion. The small synthetic nubs on many footbeds are flexible, but they may take more getting used it. Also, consider their quality of the nubs because they will need to withstand the pressure of having your weight on them as you’re walking on them.

For footbeds with pebbles, you may want to try a pair on before deciding on whether they are comfortable and the right pair for you. If a brand name is important to you, massage sandals are available from well-known brands like Quiksilver and Adidas.

Before buying a pair of massage sandals, consider, your size, look for the type of footbed that you think will be most comfortable and beneficial to you, consider where they will be worn, and whether you want a flip-flop or slide design. Also, consider the reviews of our top five choices to select the best pair for your needs.


Foot Massage Benefits

Massage, or reflexology, sandals are designed to press on acupressure points of the feet to provide relief for sore feet. However, they also provide several other benefits for the rest of the body.

Pain Relief

If your feet are sore and aching, then putting on massage sandals when you go out for a walk or to run errands can help provide relief for them. Reflexology footwear produces endorphins, which keep pain signals from getting to the brain. Endorphins can provide better pain relief than drugs like morphine.

Other parts of the body can benefit from wearing massage sandals as well. If you have a neck ache, a five-minute walk can help relieve it. Take a 30-minute walk in the sandals to help with headaches and migraines. Wearing them can also reduce swelling in your ankles and relieve pain in the lower back.

Better Circulation

When you wear massage sandals, they can help provide better blood flow for your feet and throughout your body. Since acupressure points on the feet are connected to organs within the body, they can benefit from improved circulation.

Blood carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, so improved circulation provides the nourishment it needs. That helps the body function better and, if injured, it can help heal injured tissues. Improved circulation can also alleviate problems in the legs, like cramps and pain due to being on your feet all day.

Better Sleep

Since the massaging action of the sandals can provide pain relief and relax the nerves, they can help improve your quality of sleep. The acupressure points around the pad of the big toe and the bottom of the feet help relax your body, which can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

Improved blood flow also helps provide better sleep as your muscles will be less likely to cramp and wake you up in the middle of the night. Along with the sandals, you can also briefly massage your feet with warm olive or coconut oil to relax and sleep better.

Reduces Depression

Studies have found that wearing massage footwear, like sandals or slippers, can comfort the wearer. The sandals help people balance the stress in their lives, so they feel better and have more energy to face whatever comes along.

By wearing massage sandals and massaging the area around the center of the big toe and the center of the ball of the foot, you can help fight off depression. Apply pressure or using oil to massage these areas for only a couple of minutes each day will help reduce the symptoms of depression.

Massage sandals, such as the top five that were reviewed, are reasonably priced so that you can get the pain relief for your feet, legs and back that you need after being on your feet all day for just a few dollars.