aqua-detox-machineThese days you will find that aqua detox has become a new fascination among the customers. According to the manufacturer, the aqua detox bath helps in cleansing the whole body internally thereby providing maximum relief. The aqua detox supposedly works with the help of the feet that opens up its pores and helps in pulling out the toxin formation from the body. The toxins that tend to come out from the body is detected with the help of different colors. Each of the colors signifies the organ from which the toxins are pulled out.

However, there have been an extensive misunderstanding of aqua detox treatments with people claiming the whole system to nothing other than a hoax. Though there is no proof to even prove this particular thought, the whole allegation has tended to make the customers skeptic about partaking of the treatment. Many people are interested in knowing the real story behind the aqua detox, the reason for which we to will try and elaborate on the same. The paragraphs below provide an insight into aqua detox bath that will enhance your understanding the truth behind the aqua detox bath. Kindly scroll down for additional information.

The Working Pattern of the Aqua Detox:

The system in which the aqua detox works is very simple. All the individual has to do is, dip their legs up to the height of the ankle or more in the water of the machine. The water that is in the machine is supposed to be warm or Luke warm and should contain salt in the same. The machine is then switched on to start the whole process.

aqua detox processInformation from the manufacturer confirms that upon starting the device, the whole unit tends to create a flow of electrons or an electrolytic flow that turns the water into a bio-energetic field. This bio-energetic field travels all the way through the body and helps in pulling out the toxins from the body. The bio-energetic field that is created in the body helps in exciting the micro-circulation in a positive way. The micro-circulation in the body happens due to fluid interchange between the blood and the tissues. It is the main system by which the nutrients and oxygen travels in the tissues of the body and later comes out as the excretory product.

The whole micro-circulation helps in making the body healthy hence providing a balance. It further helps in structuring the supply of oxygen and nutrients in all parts of the body and makes their excretion process much easy. Aqua detox exploits the same mechanism in pulling out toxins from the body in a hassle-free manner.  The system also helps in restoring the natural healing process of the body in various energy levels.

What is the truth behind the whole function?

When you think about getting an aqua detox kit, there are different kinds that are hugely available in the market such as the aqua detox machines, foot pads and many more. It is very popular for the treatment these products boost to provide but at the same time there are many lurking questions about their authenticity. These products have a common phenomenon attached, scams. According to critics, the way the manufacturers try to make the aqua detox treatment valid is totally wrong because the same has not been clinically proven. Unlike the normal spa kits that are available in the market, they are more like an advance form foot bathing device. The aqua detox devices are typically used to expose the negative and positive ion frequencies for balancing and detoxifying the body.

According to the manufacturer, the aqua detox machines help in flushing the toxins from the body that tend to get accumulated with time. The whole flushing is done with the help of the foot. The feet are those parts of the body which control the whole body. When the individual’s feet are dipped in the salt water it opens the pores of the feet and that in turn helps in pulling out all the toxins from the body. This whole process in turns changes the color of the water which means that toxins are coming out of the body.

This all sounds stunning, less the way that Aqua Detox treatment, Aqua Detox machines Aqua Detox Foot Pads as noted earlier, still have yet to be clinically proved. The United States Food and Drug Administration haven’t evaluated these items yet, also. Showcased under different names and items, Aqua Detox treatment, Aqua Detox machines and Aqua Detox Foot Pads could be encountered under these names:

  • Bio-Synch Detox,
  • Footbath,
  • Hydra Detox,
  • Inonic Detox Box,
  • Emerald Detox,
  • Water Detox,
  • IonDuo,
  • SeaWalk Ion Cleanse Spa,
  • Bionic HydroTherapy,
  • IonInfra,
  • P.E.P Body Purge,
  • Energy Balancer Detox
  • Q2 Energy Spa,
  • PediTox,
  • Mary Staggs Ionic Spa,
  • Platinum Detox
  • IonPro,
  • ionSpa,
  • Bio Detox, Bio-Clense,
  • ionCleanse
  • Aqua Chi, Baby-D Foot Spa,
  • Pure-Charge Energetic Spa,
  • Foot Detox Spa,

Water Chi would be a standout among the most regularly experienced Aqua Detox treatment items, which accompany different extras like Detox Foot Pads, and Detox methodology outlines. Significant to these kits is that there are some which really highlight fascinating components. Case in point, one such Aqua Detox gadget comes incorporated to be MP3 proficient, and accompanies two ear sets.

Primary concern, Aqua Detox treatment all sounds fascinating, yet has just that. With no clinical tests to ascertain that it really lives up to expectations, it isn’t shocking to realize that it is frequently branded as a trick.

The above information relays most of the basic information concerning aqua detox and their reliability. However, it is totally up to the individual to choose what is best for them. So make sure you choose the right one because it is your money that is in question.