Benefits of a Foot MassageIt may go without saying that the care and well-being of your feet is important. How important is it? Taking care of your feet has not only shown to be a relaxing endeavor but a healthy one, as the health and function of your feet can say a lot about the rest of the body. While there are many things that can help contribute to foot care such as proper footwear and exercise, more people are making an investment in foot massage as part of their healthcare regimen. Here are some of the benefits a foot massage can bring.

After being on your feet all day they can become sore and painful to walk on. Foot massages improve circulation to the soles and toes and will help movement thereafter. Since blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the body, you can imagine how things go when your feet are lacking in blood flow. Luckily it is easy to notice and treat.

Before performing any strenuous exercise it’s always recommended to do stretches. A massage, while not being a traditional stretch, does loosen up the muscles of the foot and elongates them. This can prevent injuries that can happen from running or standing on your feet for too long, as well as fatigue after spending hours on your feet.


The most popular reason to get a foot massage is simply for the relaxation and stress relief that it can bring. Done properly whether by a licensed massage therapist or your significant other, there are few greater feelings than having your feet pampered. Many kinds of massages exist from reflexology to shiatsu, and all claim to have different effects and results. You should always look into what’s best for you, and also what’s been proven to be effective depending on your needs. For instance, someone who is diabetic will need to have a special foot massager that targets neuropathic points of the foot.

There are a number of additional ways to take care of your feet, so you should start with the basics of overall health care and then target your feet on a needed basis. If problems continue, seek out a professional to help you further. At the end of the day, it’s hard to deny the feel of a good foot massage.