There’s more than taking care of your feet than you think. Just as much as feet get sore and ache your legs also need the rest and strength to carry you around all day. For the tired, hard-working man or woman, a foot massage just won’t be enough. Finding the ideal massager for both the calves and feet can be trickier than just the latter. We’ve gathered the best calf and foot massagers to guide you into finding the perfect fit for your time and lifestyle.

All of the following products are motorized and have a wide price range to suit individual needs. These are based upon consumer reviews and product evaluations.

Qlive QL-2000 Quality Foot Calf and Ankle Massager

The newest model designed to target every part of your lower legs and feet at the same time. It has three massage programs and vibrations and comes with an auto-shut off feature after fifteen minutes of use. Comes with a year warranty and is at a reasonable price.

Ottoman 2.0 Calf and Foot massager

A very popular product, this massager is shaped like an ottoman and has built-in robotic technology to knead the base of the leg. Works great after a workout session and allows you to kick back and enjoy yourself in a natural reclining fashion. Also comes in a variety of colors to match with your furniture and has an excellent price.

Human Touch CirQlation Elite Foot & Calf Massager Color

Human Touch CirQlation Elite has 180 degree rotation around the calves and feet and is designed to provide full circulation. It is also a nice footrest and gives a soothing vibration throughout the back leg. Despite it’s cost this product can often be seen used in massage therapy and is well worth the buy.

Only taking care of your feet isn’t enough anymore. Treat your entire leg to much needed rest and relaxation with these products. When you don’t have time to visit a therapist or are just getting home, these are an excellent substitute.