best foot bathsThere is nothing more relaxing and stress relieving than soaking your tired feet in a foot bath after a long stressful week. Pampering yourself using one of the best foot baths can be a healthy habit that once you get hooked, you will not be able to quit. That is why you should arm yourself with a high performance foot spa that is affordable, durable, and one that comprises of key features to hit that spot.

If you never knew, feet hold a number of sensitive spots and nerves which are connected to our organs and other bodily systems. Before we look at some top foot spas, let us first discuss what this magical device is.

What is a Foot Bath?

Food baths are devices that are used to provide your feet with much needed massage and relaxation. They can be used both from the comfort of your home or at a salon. They help soften your feet by getting rid of sore skin, hydrate your feet, and allow a user to get into a peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

Modern foot spas are armed with a variety of high technology that helps massage your feet in various ways. They come with different features such as:

Heat: Here, your device will be able to warm water and maintain a certain temperature throughout.

Bubbles: A device with this feature has the ability to jet out bubbles that will help ease any soreness.

Vibration and Massage: Machines with these features come with different types of massage and vibration modes – you can be able to choose whichever method suits you best.

Now let us get on to the fun part. Below is a list of our top 5 best foot baths review. After countless reviews, we have narrowed down our list based on affordability, durability, and key features. Let’s dive in!

  1. All In One Foot Spa by Kendal’s

All in one foot spa bath massager MS0810MThis model comes equipped with heating therapy features that keep warm your water and keep it warm for as long as you need it to be. It also comes with bubble massage, high frequency vibration settings, and an infrared technology. Kendal’s All-in-one foot-spa comprises of rolling wheels that will make your spa experience one to look forward to each week.

This machine comes in a sleek, feminine design that is incredibly modern and stylish. You will have access to a heavenly experience that is highly relaxing, soothing, and comfortable. This is our best footbath with heat system. To learn more about our number one pick, click on provided link above.

  1. Foot Baths by BROOKSTONE

Brookstone 728219 Heated Aqua-Jet Foot SpaAnother incredible heated feet massager! Brookstone’s foot-bath comprises of a heated hydro massager that will have your feet singling with joy in no time. When compared to other model in the same price range, Brookstone takes the cup! Its wide tank and incredibly eye-catching design makes it an ideal item to purchase for home or salon use.

Keep in mind that you will have to heat water first then pour into it – however, it will maintain water temperatures for up to 115 degrees F for as long as your feet need. If your job entails a lot of walking about, then this is just what you have been missing. Its two Hydro jets rotate, massaging your tired limbs in a soothing experience. This device also comes with a remote control where you can adjust speed and intensity while you lounge back and let that warm water massage every pore.

This machine is perfect for both men and women and can comfortably accommodate foot sizes of up to 14. It comes with detachable pumices that can be used to exfoliate sore, dead skin. Overall, it is another decent model from Brookstone.

  1. Carepeutic Foot and Leg Spa

Now this is what you should consider if money is not a factor! It comes in an incredibly sleek and beautiful burgundy and brown design, a deep tank that will accommodate your legs, and a touch control panel.

This is a foot bath that massages not only your feet but your calves and ankles! Other key features include four massage rollers, digital heating system, bubble massage function, and static draining system.

The digital pad is incredibly straight forward and easy to use. It is ideal for anyone who is on their feet most of the day, or just about anyone who enjoys a deep, thorough massage. Overall, you will not be disappointed by Carepeutic’s foot & leg bath performance.

  1. All-in-one Spa by Kendall

All-in-one-foot-spa-bath-massager-w-heat,-HF-vibration,-infrared,-O2-bubbles-MS0809M-View1When you think foot baths, you automatically think Kendal. This is because their products are; simply put: incredible! This all-in-one model is a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys a thorough foot-massage. Also, it’s a great choice for anyone who has blood circulation issues or a slow metabolism. You will have access to high frequency massages that use various vibration types (which you can pick from) and oxygen bubbles.

If you enjoy adding salts, oils, and other foot products, then this is just what you need. This item comes equipped with infrared technology as well. Your device will maintain a constant water temperature thanks to the heating semiconductors found inside.

This product can be used by both men and women as its wide enough to accommodate all foot sizes. It’s available in a simple, yet elegant design. Did we mention that it’s self draining? Yes, you heard that right; your machine has the ability to drain itself after use.

  1. PIBBS Foot Bath Massager

PIBBS Foot Bath Massager FM3830APIBBS have truly outdone themselves with this handy little device. It’s an easy-to-use foot bath that comprises of three modes: bubble massage, vibration and heating and bubbles, and vibration and heating. If you are working on a budget, then this is just for you. When compared to other similar products, you will note that it’s more affordable.

Side note: PIBBS actually intended for this item to be used in salons for pedicure purposes but it soon became so popular for home use. The tank is made from plastic; however, it’s quite sturdy and durable.

This device makes no noise as it operates and can be used by both genders. When looking for best foot bath that will provide you with best value for your money, PIBBS foot-bath is just that.


Having a foot bath to use from the comforts of your home can be a great way to relax and relieve stress after a long day/ week. Your feet, just as other parts of your body that need massaging after a hard day, deserve some pampering. What better way than to soak them in warm, scented water and let your device take it from there?

When it comes to choosing right foot-bath for you, it all comes down to your needs. You will not be able to try out a massager beforehand so research about a particular model beforehand. Our best food bath review has taken into consideration factors such as design, price, features, and durability.

We would love to know which model you decided to settle on and how it’s working out for you so do comment below