Best Foot Massager for Plantar FasciitisIf you are looking for the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis then it simply means you are in desperate need for a treatment that would completely stop your plantar fasciitis. And yes you are at the right place.

There are indeed a couple of methods to make it go away, ranging from rest, physiotherapy, pain relief medication, etc. However, something tells me you’ve tried all of those but you want something different or you just don’t like medications and doctor’s appointment.

Foot massage is a process used to relieve the foot of its pain or stress. This could be carried out manually or electronically. Foot massage is one way to cure plantar fasciitis without medication or therapy, but you’ll have to have appointments with your foot massager.

As you’re thinking, there’s so many foot massages to pick from and no way to know which one’s best for you, hence, the reason for this article.

How do I know which foot massager is good for plantar fasciitis?

This is not really a problem; there is some information you need to gather that will help you streamline your search.

  • Does it satisfy you? This is one thing you need to know. And frankly, there’s only one way to go about this. Find social proof. Go to prestigious online markets, find a product that of course, appeals to you, both physically and financially and then read its reviews. If you do this, you can tell at first that you like this product and then move on to the other criteria for buying your foot massager.
  • Is it medically approved? You equally have to be sure that the massager you’re hoping to purchase is verified by a medical association or has a medical seal on it showing that the massager is medically safe for use.
  • Is it available in the market? Now you don’t want to go choosing a foot massager that only exists on people’s post. You’ll have to confirm from the online market you wish to buy from, that this product actually does exist and they are available for sale.
  • What’s the story behind it? Every product must have a history. Recorded testimonies of how good the product is. Except it’s a new one and even at that, there’s gotta be something to say about the company that manufactured the foot massager.

If you have all this information, then you are ready to pick your perfect foot massager. With these in view, I’ve researched and found the three best foot massagers for plantar fasciitis available in the market.

Medimassager MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager an eleven speed setting that lets you adjust your speed to whatever mood you’re in, the mmf06 is one-foot massager you’ll never let go off. It gives one of the best electrical massage any other machine could possibly offer and you can verify this from a medical practitioner, this massager is worth the effort. This massager is suitable for any feet type and it comes with an extra kit for hardwood and tiled floors.


-The cost of this foot massager is a little high. Yes, it’s quite expensive so you’re advised to save for it or look for an alternative within your price range and with good enough features.

-Now this you won’t really like, this massager is a little loud and the vibration might cause It to move around while in use depending on the level you choose.

UComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager

uComfy-Shiatsu-Foot-Massager-with-heat-View3I can guarantee that when you Google foot massager, you’ll find this one amongst the top three. Yes, it’s that popular. This shiatsu foot massager have kneads and vibrations good for the top and bottom of your foot. The best part is its heating capacity that helps to relax your foot. The designs of this product are unique and lightweight; comes with a cloth cover that’s washable. When you use this foot massager, you’ll experience the best foot massage ever, yes it’s that effective.


-This is just a tiny one, but a big deal breaker for stylish people. But really, it is not a big deal. It just doesn’t come in a lot of colors. And so for people who like to match appliances to their furniture, this might not be yours.

-Secondly, this product is not for all feet sizes. If your feet are large, it’ll cause you pain while using it so, go for something that will go for all feet sizes. And then if you’re fond of taking your foot massage from a high sitting position, this machine will be difficult for you to operate.

Aw Kneading Rolling Foot Massager

Aw Kneading Rolling Foot MassagerThis foot massager is a very versatile one with rolling and kneading features for a relieving foot massage, it’s very easy to operate as it comes with a remote control and a touch responsive mechanism which can either be used for any operation. It also has speed adjustment options which include a particular mode that targets your arch, your foot, and your tiptoe. Yes, so many features, specially designed this way because plantar fasciitis requires a solidly customized foot massager for it to be properly treated. And so if you’re looking to turn your foot situation around and experience no further pain, then get this massager.


This massager comes in only two colors, black and red. Secondly, if you’re buying this massager for your calves, then don’t. Go for one that can massage your calves very well. This machine will do it, but not like one that has been specially designed for that purpose. This machine will stress you if you plan to use it for your calves so take a good advice and find one that will.


Plantar fasciitis is a type of foot condition that is characterized by pains on the heel and top of your foot that could cause restlessness and sleepless nights. It’s caused by prolonged standing, or sitting and fatigue. To cure this there are many ways but this article specifically talked about using foot massagers and the best to use for the condition.

All the foot massagers described in this article have been carefully selected and tested with different criteria and finally concluded to be the best for this health condition. So if you have tried all other alternatives then it’s time to try these foot massagers. You will love whichever one you pick and yes it will drive that pain away.