Best Foot Massager Reviews, Comparison and Buying Guide

Having a foot massage machine in your home is like having a loving companion to come home to every single day. It can relieve you of your work-related stresses, ease bodily aches and pains or simply provide you with that good, old sense of well-being.

Do you remember how it feels to walk on the beach? The coarse, texture of the sand as it gently massages your feet feels so good, right? Not only does it feel awesome – it provides you with great health benefits, too. The coarseness of the sand and small rocks stimulate the nerve endings in our feet. Those nerves are connected to other sense organs or systems.

But what if you don’t have the time or luxury of walking on the beach for as long and as often as you wish? Yes you can get a foot massage in one of your town’s spas but that would be costly and inconvenient because you still have to travel to and from your home to the spa. Your best bet is to get a foot massager machine which also stimulates the nerves located in the foot, giving you an intense feeling of relief and satisfaction, and even cure certain diseases.

Ultimate Comparison Table of Foot Massagers

What’s the perfect way to choose the best foot massagers than by viewing features of each product side by side in an interactive comparison table. This way, you can see everything at a glance.

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Advantages of Having Foot Massager Machine

Scientific proof exists that massaging our feet regularly has multiple health benefits. Reflexologists and health professionals say that our feet contain pressure points that are connected to our body organs. Don’t you feel relief when you a masseuse or a member of your family gives you a  shiatsu massage? Yes, it can relieve stress and fatigue.

Aside from relief, a foot massager machine can also help:

  • Promote blood circulation and cell growth
  • Improve sleeping habits
  • Heal stomach disorders
  • Relieve dizziness
  • Boost the immune system and retard aging

How to Choose the Best Foot Massager Machine

It is but natural for men to seek a way to relieve their pain, daily stresses and to promote their general well-being. This may be the reason why there is a proliferation of foot massage machines out there. But how will you know which one can provide you with the most benefits? Here are some questions that you should ask yourself:

  1. Is it easy to use?

How can you enjoy a fun, relaxing time with your foot massager if it has different instructions and various parts which you have to attach each time you use it? It’s better to get a simple one that can provide you with real benefits.

  1. Does it feel good?

The primary function of a foot massage machine is to make you feel good, right? Well, generally speaking, the best foot massager can make you feel like a thousand bucks in terms of relaxation and refreshment.

  1. How will it benefit your health?

Does it have features that can target the nerve endings of your problem areas? Can it help relieve your pain, stresses and nerve-related diseases?

  1. How much does it cost?

Is it too cheap or will it cost you an arm or a leg? Just a thought, though – price is not always a determining factor of how good a foot massage machine is. Sometimes, even the cheapest foot massager machines can be best for you.

  1. Will it last?

Look at the material and the make. Is it sturdy enough to withstand thousands of uses and varying weights of different users?

  1. Will the size suit your taste?

Do you want something small enough to carry anywhere and everywhere or one that is big enough to fix into your bedroom or bathroom?

Types of foot massage machines

There are generally two types of foot massage machines: These are:

  1. Simple. This type of foot massager only provides relief but has very little effect on your health. Foot rollers, massage balls and pads are used by rolling your feet on them. They are very cheap, costing anywhere from $4 to $30.
  2. Therapeutic. On the other hand, therapeutic massagers don’t stop at relieving you of your pain and stresses. They go a step further by giving you a lot health benefits. You can choose from foot massagers that allows you to put water or those that contain nodes for kneading, heat, infrared lights and so on.

Let’s discuss the types of foot massagers in detail:

  • Feet rollers. They are simple, cheap and durable as they are usually made of wood or rubber. You just put them on the floor and let your feet roll on them. Plus, they’re small and light so you can carry them anytime, anywhere. Wow! That’s one foot massager that can give you relief 24/7. Some people dislike them because they easily get out of control.
  • Water foot massages. How about giving your feet a spa and a massage at the same time? Simply put your feet in these massage machines and allow the water to ease your discomfort away. Not to mention that these contraptions can soften corns and calluses. And yes, they’re the best remedy for dry, smelly or flaky feet. As an added bonus, these foot massagers come with special tools to give you the foot spa you have been dreaming of.
  • Heated foot massagers. These foot massagers can give you a warm, soothing feeling that you can enjoy before or after you take a bath or just before you head off to dreamland. They feel good and they’re therapeutic too as they can stimulate the flow of your blood and the nerve cells just right under your skin. It’s like having the services of a reflexologist all the time.
  • Electronic foot massagers. There are electronic foot massagers that are small enough to hold over your legs and feet and there are some which are huge enough to fit your lower extremities in to. These give you a vibrating feeling which can stimulate your blood vessels. Some are equipped with heat and infrared.

Foot Massager Reviews

Are you still at a loss as to which foot massager to buy? No worries! We will give you honest reviews of the best foot massagers in the market today. Here they are:

Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager

Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot MassagerPriced at $80, this foot massager machine makes you feel like you have three reflexologists massaging your feet simultaneously. Yes, it’s not your usual vibrating machine – it has six heads that rotate in either direction, with each head having three nodes each. You can use it with or without heat.

The six heads rotate in order to reach the vital pressure points in your feet. Plus, the 18 massage nodes and soothing heat can make you feel very relaxed and comfortable. You can use it after a long and tiring day at the office, or when your feet are too tired from walking down the shopping aisles. Not safe for diabetics, though.

It’s light, easy to use, and the glowing red lights can make you feel even more relaxed. And since it has a toe-touch feature, you never have to bend just to change settings. Just press the button, wait for the light to change, and enjoy the magical sensations that Homedics FMS-270H can give you.

Medi Massager MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager 11 speeds varying from 1,000 to 3,700 rpm, MediMassager claims that it is the most powerful massager today. It has an ergonomically designed foot pad that oscillates and targets the crucial points of your feet. It can relieve joint pains, ease muscle rigidity after a long workout and reduce swelling from tired and aching feet. It’s recommended by doctors and therapists to promote blood circulation and nerve stimulation. It may carry a hefty price tag, but considering its benefits to your health, it’s worth investing on. Yes, it’s one good machine that can promote your well-being.

It is deemed safe and effective by no less than the FDA for people suffering from diabetes, neuropathy and other diseases that are related to poor blood circulation. MediMassager also has a specialized arch bar which gives your toes, arches and heels the extra massage that they need. Not to mention that you can rest your feet more comfortably on its angled surface.

Foot Vibe Vibration Massager

Foot Vibe Vibration Massager ReviewFoot Vibe boasts of reflexology foot pads equipped with eight levels of infrared heat, twelve vibration speeds and powerful magnets that all work together to give you ultimate relaxation. This is one of the best foot massagers that can also be used for your legs, arms and hands. It also comes with deep heat therapy to soothe out your aches and pains even more.

You can increase or decrease the frequency depending upon your needs. The nodules can feel like heaven – as if human hands are massaging your feet. That will definitely make you feel so relaxed and comfortable, especially after a long day of working or taking care of the kids.

Plus, it has a remote control that allows you to customize the settings according to your preferences – choose between different massage programs or apply heat at whim. Not safe for people who are suffering from lower body paralysis, pregnant women and young children.

The Sharper Image MSG-F110 Deep Kneading Shiatsu

The-Sharper-Image-MSG-F110-Deep-Kneading-Shiatsu-Foot-Massager,-Black-View3How would you like to have your very own masseuse 24/7? Yes, you can with Sharper image’s Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager which uses six deep kneading Shiatsu heads to give you the feeling of being massaged by the experts. You also have the option to add heat whenever you want. And yes, you don’t have to bend down to put it on because you can do so with your toes.

You can use it with heat on cold evenings or without heat during warm, summer nights. Unlike other machines that simply vibrate, the rolling heads can reach the acupressure points of your feet, which can help promote your health and give you that relaxed feeling. And what’s great is that it can make you feel good at a lesser price than most high-end foot massager machines.

It looks good and it’s user-friendly, too. You can position it at different angles too.

Thumper 403Na Versa Pro Foot Lower Body Percussive Massager

Thumper-Versa-Pro-Professional-Strength-Lower-Body-Massager-View2With Thumper 403NA, you don’t only get to massage your feet but your calves, hamstrings, thighs and lower back as well. It also has 6 varying Speeds and 7 programs to give you a unique user experience that you will definitely enjoy. Not to mention that it has 184 nodes designed to massage the most crucial areas of your body.

You don’t even have to hold the machine because it comes with a very effective and highly responsive remote control. You can put it on the floor to rest your feet on it; on a tabletop to massage your arms; or at your back to massage those waist and hip muscles. It doesn’t vibrate like other massagers – it thumps, or pounds at the areas you wish to massage, thus, the name.

It is one if not the most expensive of all foot massager machines, but the benefits to your health and well-being more than outweighs the price.

Maintainence/Cleaning/Care Tips

The best foot massager machines are far from cheap, so you need to maintain them well. Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure your feet are clean and dry before you use it.
  2. Don’t apply oil or powder to your feet, calves or whatever area of your body that you need to massage. These substances will not only encourage dirt and dust to accumulate – their chemical contents may react with the rubber or plastic surface of your massager which can later lead to damage.
  3. Store it in a cool and dry place.
  4. Keep it out of children’s reach.
  5. Don’t use it in wet areas.

Safety and Precautions

  1. If you have circulatory issues, never use foot massagers without your doctor’s approval. He can also recommend a brand or design that will best address your health problems.
  2. Always keep the unit away from children as they may scratch or damage the surface, drop it accidentally, or worse, compromise their health and safety.
  3. Although foot massagers are designed to use with heat, you should still take breaks when using it so as not to cause the surface to become too hot.
  4. Put a towel or pillow if you are going to use it on sensitive areas like the thighs and lower back.

Anybody can enjoy the comfort and benefits that foot massager machines can provide. Just make sure that you get the right massager for your type of needs. It also helps to use some maintenance tips and take the necessary steps in safety and precaution to ensure that you can reap the advantages for a long, long time.