If you are suffering with plantar fasciitis you are well acquainted with the associated pain can range from uncomfortable to excruciating, depending on the level of damage and how long it has gone untreated. Many who suffer from bad cases of plantar fasciitis have described the pain as “searing,” consisting of “sharp and intense jolts,” and feeling as if “someone drove a nail through your heel with a sledgehammer.”  Many are turning to at-home foot bath spas for relief. However, not all foot baths are created equal in this regard. If you are a plantar fasciitis sufferer, this article can help you find the best foot spa for alleviating your plantar fasciitis pain.

The Basics of Plantar Fasciitis


Let’s start with a brief discussion of plantar fasciitis:  what it is and how it is usually treated.

Plantar fasciitis is the painful result of injury to the plantar fascia, which is the thick band of tissue and tendon that runs under the foot. The primary culprit is repetitive over-stretching of the fascia, leading to inflammation and thickening and gradually worsening pain under the heel. In addition to over-stretching, plantar fasciitis can also be caused by tightness on the back of the calf  at the soleus muscle. It can even be caused by a muscular imbalance in the hips or pelvis, causing one leg to have more stress placed on it than the other.

Treating plantar fasciitis at the root cause level involves identifying and correcting the underlying issue or issues, allowing time for the ligaments to heal, and then improving strength and flexibility through stretching the tight fascia and lower leg muscles. Another key component of plantar fasciitis treatment is the reduction of pain and inflammation in the heel. Home foot spas are an excellent way to achieve temporary pain relief at home. The challenge is knowing the right one to buy, as some do a better job with plantar pain than others.

Features needed in a foot spa

Home foot spas come with a host of different features and generally cost around $29 to $199 or more depending on what you want to use it for. For treating the pain of plantar fasciitis, the must-have features are heated water, rolling massage, and hydro-jets. The heated water and hydro-jets are necessary for relaxing tension in the plantar fascia. The massage rollers provide gentle acupressure to relieve pain and tension in the soles and heels. They are also helpful in  release the trigger point on the back of your calf that can be affecting the plantar fascia.

Recommended Units

After much research and testing, we found that there are several home foot spas that are equipped to help you deal with plantar fasciitis pain. The ones we are listing here are in order from most expensive to least expensive. We believe they are the highest rated spas for the money for alleviating plantar pain.

Kendal FBD2535 Deep Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager with Motorized Rolling Massage

List Price:  $199

The Kendal FBD2535 has everything you need to relieve plantar pain and then some, if you are willing to pay the hefty price tag. Let’s start with what it has going for it in terms of plantar pain and then get into the additional features.

Heated water. The Kendal FBD2535’s  heating unit uses PTC semiconductors that heat the water quickly while preserving a consistent temperature. You can adjust the temperature digitally from 68 to 118 degrees  Fahrenheit (20 to 48 degrees Celsius) with an easily visible indicator showing a blue light when the water is below 107 degrees F (42 degrees C) and a red light when it is above that temperature. It also comes with multi-insulation protection to safeguard you from overheating.

Massage rollers. The Kendal  FBD2535 has two motorized massage rollers to hit all the pressure points .

Hydro-jets. The FBD2535 has not one, but two water jets to provide an air bubble massage.

Other features. In addition to the above, it also has the added bonus of being deep enough to also massage your calf muscles. This means that it can help reduce tightness on in the soleus muscle area, which can be a source of plantar pain.

As I mentioned before, the Kendal FDB2535 is loaded with features that go beyond relieving plantar pain. It comes with an herbal diffuser, a pedicure stone, a waterfall function, a drainage filter with tube to drain out the water, an anti-splash cover, and casters on the bottom to roll around from place to place. Those casters come in handy given that it weighs 22 pounds without water.

Kendal FBD1023 Foot Spa Bath Massager with Motorized Rolling Massage

List Price:  $149

The Kendal FDB1023 is one step down from the FDB2535 model. It has many of the same key features—adjustable and digitized temperature control, motorized massage rollers and hydro-jets providing air bubble massage—but foot. Itfasciitis: whatsledgehammer.”  However, it is not deep enough to massage calf muscles as the water only goes up to the ankles. Because of this, it is also lighter than the higher-end model, weighing 12 pounds as opposed to 22.

Heated water. Same as FDB2535.

Massage Rollers. Same as FDB2535.

Hydro-jets. Same as FDB2535.

Additional features. Most of the same features as the FDB2535, but not deep enough to cover the calves.

Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

List Price:  $34

The Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa is a basic and inexpensive foot spa with most of the features that will help alleviate plantar pain. However, it does not come with hydro-jets nor all the extra bells and whistles of the more expensive units.

Heated water. This spa does not heat the water, meaning you will be required to warm the water before you put it in the tank, but the heating system will maintain the water temperature once it is in the tank.

Massage Rollers. The unit comes with one manual roller which helps work out the knots out of in the plantar fascia tight tendons. The roller also has massaging nubs along with the massaging nubs for added relaxation.

Hydro-jets. No.

Other features. The Dr. Scholl’s spa comes with pedicure features including a pumice stone and clippers for trimming, buffing, filing, and shaping the toenails.

Bottom Line

Plantar pain can be quite punishing. Many sufferers have been on a seemingly endless quest to find something –anything–to help alleviate their pain. Fortunately, there are home foot spas available that can provide relief from this particular issue. Make sure that the one you select includes massage rollers, and heated water with hydro-jet massage. An excellent bonus feature, if you are willing to pay for it, is a tank deep enough to massage the soleus muscle area in the back of the calf, which can also cause plantar pain.