The Best Massaging Inserts For Your Feet

Best Massaging Inserts

Sometimes you can’t take a break and use a portable foot massager, or even take the time to rub your aching feet. If you frequently have days like this or simply have a pair of shoes that kill your feet, you might want to consider massaging inserts. A massaging insert can relieve the aches and pain caused by fatigue and strain, and keep you happily standing on your feet for hours.

Top Rated Massaging Inserts

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles

Designed to stimulate tired, aching feet and improve circulation, these massaging gel insoles will keep you active all day. Recommended for diabetic patients, you also have the advantage of the cushioning gel. The insoles will massage your heel while you are moving, and provide shock absorbing support.


  • These affordable massaging insoles can relieve foot pain, and improve circulation in your feet.
  • The insoles can make even the most uncomfortable pair of work shoes feel great when you are wearing them.
  • You have the advantage of complete coverage, and the insoles can be trimmed for an exact fit.


  • The gel cushioning might make these inserts to high for some low profile footwear.
  • While these are the best massaging inserts, it should be mentioned that this product is also priced slightly higher.

Footminders Comfort Orthotic Insoles

These top rated massaging insoles are designed to support flat feet, and provide much needed arch support to suffers of plantar fasciitis. The toe to heel differential provides you will plenty of shock absorbing support, and these insoles are perfect for work or play. With two layers of cushioning foam and recommended by podiatrists, it is easy to see why so many suffers of foot pain rely on these support massaging inserts.


  • These best selling massaging insoles are the top rated insert recommended by podiatrists and physicians.
  • You have the advantage of the firm arch support that helps to relieve foot pain due to plantar fasciitis.
  • This is considered the best insole for flat feet, and can help you stay active until you can get home to use your portable foot massager.


  • The thicker heel on these massaging insoles might be too high for some styles of shoes.
  • While these are the best massaging inserts for flat feet, it should be noted that this is also reflected in the price.

Dr. Leonard’s Tropical Shiatsu Acupressure Insoles

These insoles will give your feet a shiatsu massage as you are walking, and are ideal for athletes and professionals who are on their feet all day. Not only do you have the advantage of the relaxing shiatsu massage, but also the healing benefits of reflexology and magnetic therapy. Improve circulation and lower blood pressure, along with rejuvenating tired feet simply by wearing these innovative massaging inserts.


  • These are the best massaging inserts for improving circulation and relieving pain.
  • You have the benefit of three different therapeutic massages that will relieve pain and tension, and improve your overall health.
  • The inserts are machine washable, and designed to be durable and long lasting.


  • The massaging rubber bar will relieve foot pain, but might be comfortable to wear in all types of shoes.
  • Some consumers might find the massaging nodes too intense for their sensitive feet.

Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Inserts

Considered the best inserts for back and foot pain, it can also help to improve circulation and lower higher blood pressure. The massaging inserts help to energize tired feet, while relieving foot and back pain. You have plenty of support for your arches, and you also have the benefit of the antibacterial coating. Stay energized and on your feet all day, without worrying about constant foot pain.


  • These massaging inserts can improve your overall health, and are ideal for suffers of frequent foot and back pain.
  • The inserts are designed to fit any type of sport or work shoe, and can also be easily trimmed.
  • You have the advantage of the massaging nubs that will stimulate your pressure points as you walk.


  • These affordable massaging inserts will fit almost any type of shoe, but it should be noted that they are not designed to be reusable.
  • The covering on the insoles is comfortable to walk on, but it might not be able to relieve deep tissue foot pain.

Jobsite Therapeutic Massaging Gel Insoles

You will appreciate the durable and comfortable design of these massaging insoles, after a long day at work. You have the advantage of the massaging properties that will soothe tired muscles and reenergize tired feet. The insoles will also absorb odor causing sweat and bacteria, so your feet stay health even when you are wearing shoes all day. Designed to fit all types of shoes, you can relieve foot and back pain by simple wearing these massaging inserts with your work or play shoes.


  • You have the advantage of the massaging nodes, along with exceptional support for your arch and heel.
  • The inserts can help relieve and prevent foot and back pain, along with absorbing odor causing moisture.
  • Designed to fit any type of shoe, you can also feel great when you are wearing these massaging inserts.


  • It should be noted that while these inserts are designed to fit all shoe sizes, this may not apply to some footwear that may be specially ordered.
  • The double layer is comfortable and supportive, but it might make these massaging inserts too large for some low profile styles.


Kathy as she prefers to be called is a busy executive whose job calls for her to stand in heels for several hours a day. This has lead to her experiencing some excruciating foot pain. After a visit to her physician who recommended a home foot massager, she noticed an immediate difference in her foot pain. Now she has made it her mission to inform other women that they can wear heels without the normal foot pain. When she is not writing or working, Kathy can be found at a shoe sale.