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Best Foot Inserts and Insoles Aug 2020

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    Foot Petals Women’s Heavenly Heelz Back of Heel Cushion Insole

    GIVE YOUR HEELS A BREAK: Heavenly Heelz cushions from Foot Petals adhere to the heel of your shoes to prevent rubbing and blisters. It’s a quick fix for painful flats, heels, or slip-on shoes!
    DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Our back-of-heel ins ...

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    Nakamichi Massaging Reflexology Insoles For Women – Fits Shoe Size 7-9

    • The insoles apply pressure on key points of the feet and this helps relieve pain and stress.
    • Washable and reusable.
    • Slip inside shoes for a foot massage.
    • Not long lasting.

    The insoles provide you the complete massage even as you walk or sit. They can be cut easily to fit any size.

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    Nakamichi Massaging Reflexology Insoles For Men – Fits Shoe Size 9-11

    • The insoles are available in a set of two for your left and right foot.
    • It can be easily fitted into shoes with the nodules facing upwards.
    • The construction of the insoles is not strong.

    The comfortable and soft insoles can help relieve pain and stress.

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    Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles,Green

    • The high arched insole provides maximum support.
    • Durable construction adds support and structure to shoes.
    • Professional grade orthotic support for arch pain, heel pain, foot pain and plantar fasciitis.
    • The distinct shape of the superfeet helps in stabilizing the foot.
    • The deep and structured heel cup and full length foam provides support and comfort.
    • Customers with high arches may experience knee pain.
    • Does not offer great toe support.
    • A little pricey.
    • A somewhat short lifespan.

    The green synthetic man made sole has natural NXT anti-bacteria coating. It easily fits most footwear styles with factory insoles that can be easily removed. It best fits in all types of high volume footwear and medium with removable insoles that range from casual footwear to work, running shoes or hiking boots.