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Best Massaging footwear Dec 2017

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    Okabashi Men’s Torino Ergonomic Waterproof Massaging Sandal Shoes

    • The stylish design and waterproof construction makes these massaging sandals perfect for any long days outside.
    • The rubber material is durable, and the two cross straps help the shoes stay comfortably on your feet.
    • These are often considered the best massaging sandals made in the USA that are also 100 percent recyclable.
    • These sturdy and comfortable massaging sandals are priced higher than other models, which should be considered.
    • Some consumers have mentioned that the straps can break occasionally, but this is usually only due to normal wear and tear.

    These stylish and waterproof sandals are perfect for a day at the pool or beach, and are also designed to be comfortable. You have the advantage of the ergonomic construction that fits securely over your foot, and the exceptional support for your arch. Along with providing impact support, the sandals also help to reenergize tired, aching feet. Perfect for helping you stay active all day, these sandals can also prevent many of the causes of foot and heel pain.

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    Reflexology Socks

    • Optimal pain relieving support from pressure point massage.
    • Can be worn inside or with a pair of shoes for continual pain relief that lasts all day.
    • Affordably priced and easy to clean
    • These massaging socks might not be ideal for all work places, and should be considered if your feet frequently hurt during the day.
    • Some consumers have mentioned that the socks do not last very long, but this is usually due to excessive wear and tear.

    Who knew that you could relieve foot pain and improve circulation, simply by wearing a pair of socks? Earth Therapeutics designed these massaging socks to be comfortable to wear with almost any pair of shoes, and to stimulate your pressure points when you walk. Not only can they help to ease aches and pain, they can also prevent them from recurring. The included diagram explains exactly how they work on the pressure points in your foot.

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    L’eggs Luxe Sheer Massaging Foot Trouser Sock # 03927

    • These massaging socks are affordably priced, and can also be purchased in money saving bundles.
    • The nylon and spandex blended material is supportive, durable, and comfortable to wear.
    • You can improve circulation and relieve lower leg fatigue, along with energizing sore, tired feet.
    • These are trouser socks, and are not designed to be worn with skirts or dresses.
    • While these are the best massaging socks, it should be mentioned that they might not be appropriate to wear with open toed shoes.

    Women can have great looking legs and comfortable feet with these massaging trouser socks. The socks are designed to blend in beautifully with all of your professional pant suits, and can be worn with almost any type of shoe. The spandex and nylon material helps to improve circulation to your feet and lower legs, while also helping to relieve tension and stress. Affordably priced and designed to be worn at work, these massaging socks will keep you energetically on your feet.

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    iLIVING Natural Stone Massage Shoes – Reflexology Sandals

    • These are considered one of the best pairs of massaging sandals, and combines all of the benefits of traditional Chinese reflexology medicine.
    • The pretty stones add visual appeal to the sandals, and are placed according to the pressure points in your feet.
    • Wearing these massaging sandals for at least 10 minutes a day can improve circulation, and your general health.
    • The raised massaging stones do relieve pain and tension, but the sandals might not be comfortable for all consumers.
    • While the natural stones can energize tired feet, the sandals might not be able to provide long lasting pain relief.

    These comfortable sandals are stylishly designed, and you will love how energized your feet feel after wearing these massaging shoes. The band fits comfortably across the top of your feet for a secure fit, while the natural stones help to massage your pressure points. Simply by walking around in these sandals for a few minutes each day can relieve constant foot pain, and improve circulation.

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    Health King Massage Accupressure Foot Slipper Medium Size fits Men (6-8)/ Women (8-10)

    • The massaging balls are strategically placed to stimulate the pressure points in your feet, and you also have the advantage of the included magnets.
    • Springs placed under the balls help you to control the amount of pressure, while the magnetic therapy improves circulation.
    • The comfortable band helps to ensure a perfect fit, and features a Velcro closure that can also be adjusted.
    • Springs underneath the massaging balls might apply too much pressure to be comfortable for sensitive feet.
    • The stark construction might make the shoes unsuitable for outdoor wear.

    These comfortable slippers are designed to relieve minor foot pain, while also improving your overall health. With just 15 minutes a day, you can stimulate the pressure points in your feet to relieve aches and pain, along with stress and tension. The massaging footwear can also help to improve circulation, and lower dangerously high blood pressure. Adjustable for a comfortable fit, these massaging slippers can help improve your quality of life.

We’re always on the lookout for new products for relieving foot pain.  In this article we’ll talk about massaging footwear. There are some great products in this category, including slip-on sandals, slippers, and even socks.  All are available for quick and easy foot massages and the innovative footwear can be worn almost anywhere. While footwear massaging products may not be able to give your feet a deep-tissue rub down, they are definitely helpful for relieving minor aches and pains. Here are our picks for the best massaging footwear to reenergize tired, sore feet.