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Concrete floors, uneven terrain, and medical conditions can all cause excruciating aches and pain in your feet. Leg cramps and fatigue are also commonly associated with foot pain, along with unsightly varicose veins. Regular foot massages at a spa not only pampers and soothes your aching feet, it can also help your mind and body to relax as the tension leaves your body.

With all of the therapeutic benefits associated with a spa styled foot massage, it is no wonder that it is gaining in popularity. A massage at a spa can be expensive and time consuming, and an appointment doesn’t always fit into our busy lives. Now it is possible to have a therapeutic foot massage in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to see what we discovered about this affordable all in one massaging foot bath.

Reviewing All In One Foot Massaging Foot Bath

The white and grey massaging foot pad is durable and understated in its appearance. It only looks professional because it features all of the options you would get from a foot massage at the spa. There are three preset programs that are able to rub, heat, and massage the aches and pains in your feet away, while also improving circulation to help reduce the appearance of any varicose veins.

The vibrational massage is high frequency for optimum effects, while the infrared therapy helps to ease aching muscles. Oxygen bubbles also help to massage the pressure points on your feet and ankles. Feel your feet reenergized and leg fatigue disappear after just one session in this massaging foot bath.

It is durable and easy to operate, with the control knob conveniently located at the front of the massaging spa bath. It also features a splash guard, along with an easy to drain spout. It is large enough to accommodate shoe sizes up to men’s 14, and plugs easily into any 110V electrical outlet.

Pros and Cons :

Some of the benefits to using this professional massaging foot bath include improved circulation to reduce painful foot and ankle swelling, as well as reduce varicose veins. Walk better, without pain, and the massaging unit is large and deep enough to fit larger shoe sizes. It is lightweight and easy to use, and the heating and massaging elements all work as advertised.

Other advantages to using this foot massaging spa bath include protective insulation around the heating element. Added to it is overheating protection, which helps this unit outlast its competition.

The only drawback to this massaging foot spa is that the jets are not as powerful as some users would like. With fewer massaging bubbles, it can be difficult to feel the full effects of the foot massage. The location of the jets can also be an issue since they are located at the bottom of the bath, and can be easily covered by the soles of your feet.

About Kendal

For more than thirty years, this company has been dedicated to improving their customers’ lives through holistic therapies that are incorporated into leg and foot massaging units. Through technical advances, Kendal has been able to manufacturer a wide range of high quality massaging foot baths. All backed by the company’s warranty and excellent customer service.


Anyone who loves the spa experience, or is suffering from chronic foot and leg pain will be amazed at how great their feet feel after using this massaging foot bath. Not only will it pamper, it can also help to improve your quality of life.