Chinese medicines are known for their herbal properties and the result the same provides. Since the ancient times Chinese medicines are known for the healing power it has. The detox products of the Chinese medicines are so helpful that it tends to bring out the harmful toxins accumulation from the body.

The market is full with all kinds of Chinese detox medicines and these are thoroughly loved by the customers. The main important detox Chinese medicine is the tea which is famous worldwide. The Chinese herbal tea is loaded with qualities and makes an excellent detox medicine. But there are many more Chinese detox medicines available in the market which is very easily found. To know more about the Chinese detox medicines, we bring you some of the best.

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan | Central Chi Teapills

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan  Central Chi TeapillsThis particular tea pill is known for the healing properties that are good for improving the digestive system. Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan is also known as Central Qi Teapills, Bu Zong Yi Qi Tang and Tonify Center, Increase Qi Pills. For the people who suffer from the chronic problem of digestion this pill works wonders. It is great for getting rid form the problem of gas pain, coldness feeling, weakness, loose motion, diarrhea and many more stomach problems that mainly happen due to the poor digestive system of a person. This particular detox medicine helps in harmonizing the stomach in general. People who have problem of spleen deficiency for them this is a great medicine.


  • It is a great remedy for the problem of Hernia.
  • It fixes the spleen issues.
  • It also helps with the problem of anemia.
  • It helps with the effects of chemotherapy.


  • Some customers had the problem of grinding the pills in the mortar and pestle.

Clean Habits Tea

This particular herbal tea is best for the people indulge in the bad habits like smoking and drinking or even the people who also indulge in overeating. This detox tea helps in getting rid of the toxins that get accumulated in the body due to such habits. Having the tea is very simple, just mix the same in any daily juice and you are good to go. All the ingredients in the tea re natural and herbal at the same time and make the whole tea very much effective. The tea helps in getting rid of the caffeine accumulation in the body completely. It also helps in getting rid of blemishes and hangover and different addictions. But one thing that the manufacturer says that the tea cannot cure, treat or prevent any kind of diseases. It is important to consult a Chinese medical practitioner before using the same.


  • It is good for the people who have a problem of drinking, smoking and overeating.
  • It detoxes the caffeine from the body.


  • Some customers didn’t like the taste of the tea but if it is mixed with a regular juice then the taste might not be that bad.

Eleuthero Root Tablets | Wu Jian Shen | Siberian Ginseng

ELEUTHERO ROOT TABLETS  WU JIAN SHEN  SIBERIAN GINSENGThese particular root tablets help in different kind of problems. This tonic improves the condition of arthritis and rheumatism. It works very well for the kidney and can be taken by the women after the childbirth. Even people who have undergone any type of surgery and are aged can take the tonic for the betterment of the health condition. The native herb used in the same is from the Changbai Mountain and have come in to existence after years of expertise and testing. It is great for the immune system of the individual. The tonic helps in elevating the blood circulation in the body.

If the person is going through any kind of memory problem, insomnia, fatigue, dizziness or even palpitation then this can be a great help for them. For people with sexual problems this medicine can be a great help. It is recommended by the manufacturer that the person should consult a Traditional Chinese medicinal practitioner before using the same. It doesn’t provide any cure, treatment and prevention of any disease.


  • It is great for people suffering with insomnia.
  • It can also help with fatigue conditions.
  • It is helpful for the problem of dizziness.
  • People who have undergone surgery or childbirth can also take the medicine.
  • It makes the body light.

Essence of Tienchi Flowers

The root of the ginseng plant is used to make this medicine. It helps in improving the blood circulation the body. It helps in getting rid of the harmful toxins from the body. This in turn helps in providing a soothing relief for the people who have a problem with their anger. It also provides a clear skin. The medicine also helps in providing relief from insomnia and headaches. It additionally provides relief to the liver conditions. The manufacturer further recommends that the person who is thinking to try the same should consult a traditional Chinese medicinal practitioner before opting for the same. The medicine can’t cure, prevent or treat any kind of diseases.


  • It provides a lighter effect to the body.
  • Improves sleeping.
  • It is a great substitute for sugar.


  • Some customers didn’t like the addition of sugar in the medicine.

Margarite Acne Pills | Zhen Zhu An Chuang Wan

MARGARITE ACNE PILLS  ZHEN ZHU AN CHUANG WANPeople who have a common problem of acne can be greatly benefited with the help of this detox medicine. It helps in getting rid of the problem of acne by pulling out the toxins from the body that creates the same. This medicine is also called as the Cai Feng Zhen Zhuan Chuang Wan. It provides relief from the problem of itching and redness in the skin. For the people who suffer from the allergic hives and skin rash can use the same for better results. It helps in cooling the blood and resolving the toxins from the body. The medicine further helps in softening the masses and clears the heat from the body by the system for internal cleansing. The manufacturer additionally urges the individual to consult a Traditional Chinese medicinal practitioner before using the same. It also doesn’t assure ant treating, curing or prevention of any disease.


  • It provides a great relief from the problem of acne.
  • It provides an internal cleansing.
  • It softens the masses of the acne.

These were some of the best applied and appreciated Chinese detox medicines that are used by the people worldwide. They were helpful form the same and want to carry on with it. But one thing is common with the above list of Chinese medicines is that they should be taken with the prescription of traditional Chinese medical practitioner before using the same. These medicines additionally don’t guarantee any treating, prevention or curing from any kinds of diseases. There are many more of such medicines available in the market that is very much helpful. The people can additionally cater to the same for better results. But if they don’t find any effective results then that might be subjective and depends on the body of the individual. If you too want to get the effects of Chinese detox medicines then these are the best to look forward.