Detox Foot BathsThere has been pretty uproar about some recent revelations that the detox foot bath is actually a hoax and it doesn’t work in the way it is supposed to. The foot baths, ionic foot detox or foot patches is a system that includes the dipping of the feet in to some warm after and after sometime the water changes its colors, which means that the toxins are pulled out from the body with the help of the feet. The foot pads or patch on the other hand can be worn in the feet for about the duration of 5 to 7 hours and are then removed. The patch or pads tend to change the color in to a darker shade and that means the body is giving away toxins from various organs of the body.

The color of the pad or the water changes in various colors that ranges from, red, yellow, green, black, brown and even creamy. Each color represents different organs of the body. Now, there isn’t any explicit evidence to support the same or is it all a hoax? This thought has been doing rounds in many customers’ minds. Let’s find out the actual truth behind the same. The paragraphs followed below will contain some explanations to the same.

What do the manufacturers say about the foot baths and the foot pads or patches?

According to the manufacturer who makes such pads they say that the detox foot pads pull the toxins out of the body with the help of the pores that are left open in the feet. The foot pads tend to change the color of the same while the person is fast asleep and that means that the toxins from the body come out. Some manufacturer even claim that the foot pads help in getting rid of high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, weight loss, headaches and many more problems. Even the manufacturer of the ionic foot baths claim that using the bath on regular basis can help in get rid of various kinds of health problems.

What did the users say?

detox-foot-padsAccording to the users who used the detox foot pads or the foot baths have said that they had visible effects in their bodily conditions. Some even went and said that the foot detox helped them in recovering their lost energy and they felt rejuvenated after the constant usage of the same. The foot detox bath and the pads are popular in the market because they have worked great with the majority level of the customers.

But the question now arises is, what about those people who didn’t encounter any visible effects? Well, the manufacturers of such foot patches, pads or baths have even said that the same tends to work according to the toxins accumulation of the body and if the same doesn’t work then the chances are high that the toxins in the individual’s body were more than the usual ones. The customers who have complained that the foot patches or the pads which didn’t work was a scam and hoax all together.

Some people don’t believe in the color changing mechanism of the foot pads or the patches and say that the color that signifies different toxins release from the different parts of the body is not true. But have even said that they have seen some effects that were told by the manufacturer. Now, the whole thing gets confused in what to believe and what not to!

The possible truth:

People have seen effects of the detox foot bath and pads but at the same time, this is also true that some didn’t. The possible reason that came out for the change of color in the ionic bath was because of the process of electrolysis that goes in to the water once it comes in contact with the salt. But that color is only brown and thus what about the other colors.

There have been no scientific reasons to the color changes as such. There have no study in the same and nor did any medical departments have come up with nay authentication to the same. There has been news that the Federal Trade Commission even called upon some distributors of the detox pads and has accused them of lying about the advertisements. But no department could accuse them on the effects left by the same. Now, the deal that is left with the customers is whom to believe and whom to not.

Some have even gone up to taking the foot baths and the pads by their own to draw a conclusion on the same. According to the doctors the feet baths work by transforming the PH level in to alkaline and that in turn help in getting relieved from the ill effects of the toxins. There were individuals who have compared the PH balance of the body before taking the foot bath or the foot pad and found that it wasn’t normal. After they had taken the foot bath or foot pad experiment the result was overwhelming because they had found out that the ph level was normal as it should have been.

There will be believers and at the other hand there will be non-believers. Before going in to a so called conclusion it is better on the part of the individual to go through the whole process or method themselves. But at the same time something that promises such good results and have no scientific study to support the same sounds a bit tricky. For the people who think the same thing to be a tricky affair then it is better for them to not try the same. But for the people who still want to go for the same should be aware for what they are going with a positive approach to the whole thing. One of the best part of going for the detox foot bath or detox foot pads are that they don’t have any side-effects. So, it is not a bad decision to try the same but at the risk of their money.