Dry Cracked Feet Foot SpaDry, cracked feet can effect anyone, and not only does it look unsightly it can also be painful and detrimental to your health. There are several common causes of this foot condition that can range from obesity to diabetes and even the type of shoes that you wear. Regardless of what is causing the skin on your feet to dry and crack, simply pampering yourself with a soothing foot bath can produce amazing results. It can help moisturize dry, cracked skin and prevent bacteria from forming. A foot bath can also help improve circulation, which might be another side effect of obesity or diabetes.

What You Will Need

Before you start any home remedy it is recommended that you speak with your health care provider. This is especially important if there is a preexisting medical condition or if you frequently suffer from loss of feeling in your feet.

There are a few items that you will need, which will include your foot spa. You will also need,

  • Epson salts ( or dead sea salt)
  • A pumice stone
  • Towel
  • Moisturizer (preferably non scented)
  • Thick socks

Unscented moisturizers typically work best due to the lack of some chemicals that can irritate sensitive dry skin.

  1. Fill the basin.

The first step is to get the foot spa ready. The basin should be filled with warm water and any programs set so all you have to do is sit back and relax while your feet are soaking.

  1. Use the pumice stone.

Before soaking your feet, take the pumice stone and gently rub it across your heels. This will help loosen and remove some of the dead skin so it will be easier to for water and salt mixture to be absorbed. This is necessary if you want the foot soak to be effective.

  1. Add the Epson salts to the foot spa.

After filling the foot spa with water you will also want to add ½ cup of Epson salts. Dead Sea salt can also be used, and while it is a little more expensive some people claim that it really is worth the higher cost. The salt is added to help improve circulation in the feet, which is necessary in order for the cracked skin to heel.

  1. Soak and then re-soak your feet.

For best results most health experts recommend soaking your feet in the salt bath for 10 minutes to let the dry skin soften so it can be more easily removed with the pumice stone. Rub it gentle across the sides of your feet and heels, and then soak your feel for another 10 minutes. Once the dead skin is removed it will be easier for the salt and water to be absorbed so you can enjoy soft, beautiful feet.

  1. Thoroughly dry your feet, and don’t forget about the socks.

Once you have finished soaking your feet the second time, thoroughly dry each one and apply a liberal amount of moisturizer. Wearing the thick socks afterwards will help ensure that the lotion is absorbed into the skin so the healing process can begin.