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Check Lowest Prices of Electric Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair Recliner on Amazon.com

The BestMassage EC-06 Massage Chair is primarily designed to replicate the results of the Shiatsu massage by relieving stress felt on various parts of the body including the neck, lower back, legs, and feet. It features more than 30 air bags that perform the massage by conforming to the contour and shape of your back. It also offers several massage functions and intensity levels that yield different effects. When used regularly or as directed, the massage chair can help enhance blood circulation on affected body parts.

Key Features

  • Can replicate the results of the Shiatsu massage
  • Promote flexibility and mobility of the leg
  • A vibration massage that stimulates the nerve and muscles
  • A one-year limited warranty from BestMassage

A Detailed Description of the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06C

Design and Durability (4.0/5.0)

The massage chair/recliner is really heavy at no less than 300 pounds. It features a seating surface that is made of soft, black leather and wooden arm rests. It does not come along with vibrators. Instead, it has more than 30 air bags that massage the legs, thighs, feet, and arms. If you’re a very big guy, there could be a slight problem fitting your large arms and legs to the air bag massagers. However, reclining your back a bit more shall do the trick on fitting your extremities.

Ease of Use (4.5/5.0)

The massage chair comes along with a user manual that’s poorly documented, but comprehensible enough. The massage chair can be quite uncomfortable at first most especially if you are a big guy. Fitting the arms and legs can also be challenging, but you should feel better once you find your most comfortable position. Since the chair is automatic, it’s more convenient to use in terms of raising and reclining. The massage features are also easy to apply once you get used to properly positioning your entire body on the chair.

Efficiency (4.5/5.0)

The air bags and bladders of the massage chair perform a good job of squeezing the legs and other body parts. They pinch the muscle, thus they leave a relieving effect to the body. However, the balls working at the back seem to require more cushion so they don’t hurt. Initially, I didn’t think the air bags would be enough to perform a Shiatsu massage. I’m surprised that despite the absence of vibrators (mostly available on other massagers), the air bags are still able to penetrate into the muscles of the body. Overall, I am impressed, although I thought this would have been perfect with built-in vibrators.

Price (4.5/5.0)

I personally think this massage chair is reasonably priced at $799. Although it’s expensive, it is still a lot cheaper than other recliners or massage chairs available in the market today.


  • Designed to perform a Shiatsu massage
  • Air bags can help relieve pain and soreness
  • Includes automatic massage functions and features


  • May not fit comfortably to big guys
  • Expensive



The air bags of the massage chair/recliner are fairly effective in massaging the body. When used regularly, it can help improve blood flow and relieve body pains.