Foot And Reflexology MassagesWhether you are at the spa or trying to decide on a home massaging unit, chances are you have had to choose between a reflexology and a standard foot massage. While these might be the most common types of foot massages, there is also a huge difference between the two. Before you choose a home foot massager or your next visit to the spa, you need to learn the differences between the two so you can truly enjoy all relaxing benefits.

Reflexology Foot Massages

Even the name sounds professional and relaxing, and this type of foot massage is popular due to its therapeutic benefits. A reflexology massage is designed to stimulate the pressure points found in your feet. It is designed to promote your body’s natural healing abilities, along with easing stress and tension. By stimulating specific pressure points, a reflexology massage can help improve circulation and increase blood flow.

The massage is performed by a licensed therapist who has an understanding of the foot’s anatomy, which enables them to find your body’s pressure points. The therapist will also concentrate on the health of your feet and nails, to determine which areas need to be stimulate to promote good health. A reflexology massage can be more intense, and concentrates on the body’s own ability to heal itself. The deep massage can relieve stress and tension, along with easing tired, aching feet. Since it helps to improve circulation, it can also treat and prevent varicose veins.

Improved circulation can also lower high blood pressure, along with improving the health of your heart. With all of the healthy benefits of a reflexology massage, it is easy to see why many people are also wondering about the effectiveness of home foot massagers. A top rated reflexology foot massager can be just as effective as a visit to the spa.

Benefits of a Foot Massage

The main difference between a typical foot massage and reflexology is the level of intensity. A foot massage does not usually effect the deeper tissue, nor is it centered on specific pressure points. Instead the rubbing motions are applied to certain groups of muscles and tissues to ease tension and strain. This type of massage can be particularly effective at promoting healing in sports related injuries, since it is not intense enough to cause additional pain.

A standard foot massage is ideal for relieving normal stress and tension, and is a great way to relax after a long day. It can also improve circulation, and help to relieve lower leg pain. There are several different types of home massaging units that can all give your feet a relaxing massage without going to a spa. The models are also available with a wide range of different features, which includes settings for the intensity of the massage. This is especially beneficial for anyone suffering from an injury where a deep tissue massage would be too painful.

Massage Your Feet at Home

Home foot massagers are becoming extremely popular, and you can models that feature each type of massage. The best foot massager for you will depend on the problems you are having with your feet. If there are other health concerns or if you simply like a more intense foot massage, then you might want to consider purchasing a reflexology model. For lighter massages, any one of several different foot massagers will provide your aching feet with wonderful relief.