Detoxing through your feet can be an easy and effective method to help rinse your body of toxins that made over time. And you don’t need to follow any kind of diet charts for this process. Also, foot detoxification is measured by numerous to be one of the harmless forms of detoxification. There are numerous kinds of foot detox processes, containing detox foot spas and foot detox pads, both electric and homemade. Taking benefit of either of these systems can lead to a better life and a normal body cleanse.

Foot detox pads

Foot detox padsAll these pads are normally made from bamboo and tree extracts and can be bought at just about any reputed ecommerce site or health food store. This foot detox pads are also called foot detox patches, have their roots in Japanese philosophy and are easy to use. Mostly, people use this foot detox pads while they are going for a sleep and removing it after a certain period or when you wake up. Most of the people find that the pads darkened with the toxins eliminated from your body overnight from just a sole use. If you use this foot detox pads for a certain period, than it will help you reduce different kinds of problems like less joint pain, less fatigue, and fewer headaches.

Now, most of the people are used ionic foot baths to detoxify the body by extracting toxins from your feet. Ionic foot bath is an electrical procedure that generates negative and positive ions in lukewarm saltwater. The foot detox not only helps the body in getting rid of the toxins, but at the same time it helps to keep the mind at ease.

In what way ionic detox foot baths work

Ionic detox foot baths effort by ionizing lukewarm saltwater with irregular divisions as you inhale simple and relish the intellect of well-being that derives from both cleansing and soaking your feet. While you take this feet bath, all the toxins are released from your whole body. These toxins are frequently the result of unnatural eating habits, mostly the reliable consumption of treated foods and soaked fats.

The ionic foot baths is also called as electrolysis process. It’s a method where you have to use electrical current to make a chemical reaction. Generally, here energy is charged through the saltwater and here all the water molecules breaking down into ions. Warm water will open the pores of the feet and salt works as an anti-inflammatory severe and ions are detected and the cleansing of your foot initiates.

ionic-foot-bath time

When, you will add the salt water to the foot bath, you will see that the water color will change like black, ironic, dark mud-brown etc. The color will be changed as because it will react with salt and ironic cartridge. But there are some people who thought that it’s a toxin colors that are leaving from your body. But this concept is completely wrong.

There are several people can benefit from this foot detox. This procedure or method is good for those who are suffering from skin conditions, GI disorders, yeast or fungal infections and cancer.