The Foot Roller Massager Acu Point Sensory Reflex is a foot massager that is designed with miniature finger constructions to press various acupuncture points on the foot. It is very portable, thus making it perfect for people on-the-go who need rigid massage to enhance blood flow. Most of all, this foot roller is perfect in soothing pains that are experienced on toes and heels.

 Key Features

  • Miniature finger constructions that are strong enough to press hard various acupuncture points on the foot
  • A soothing effect that helps promote blood circulation

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Detailed Review of the Foot Roller Massager Acu Point Sensory Reflex by Acu Foot Roller

Design and Durability (4.0/5.0)

The Foot Roller Massager is a very rigid massager that can be used to penetrate deeply into some tissues of the foot. Since it is small and light, it can be used anywhere in the house where you are most comfortable. It features some miniature finger constructions where you can roll your foot onto. It is solidly built, thus you can apply any amount of pressure that suits your needs. However, I feel the plastic knobs may be uncomfortable without any socks on. Then again, it still depends on each user’s pain tolerance. This may still be perfect on barefoot for those who prefer a hard massage.

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Ease of Use (5.0/5.0)

The foot roller is very easy to use. You just have to apply any amount of pressure on different parts of the foot that need massage. The plastic knobs are really strong, so you shouldn’t worry about crushing it when applying too much pressure. The miniature finger constructions also make the massaging job a lot easier as it really serve their purpose of pressing deeply onto your foot tissues.

 Efficiency (4.0/5.0)

The foot massager seems to work fine either on flat or high foot arches. Because of that, you can just freely press your toes or heels onto the miniature fingers. The effect of the massaging experience may also vary for each customer. I personally find it relaxing and soothing as I press my feet hard onto the plastic knobs. However, I understand this may not be the case for some customers who have very sensitive feet. Bottom line, this foot massager does a fair job of relaxing tired and aching feet. As long as you just know how to choose your acupuncture spots on the feet, it should be satisfying.

Price (5.0/5.0)

The Foot Roller Massager Acu Point Sensory Reflex is reasonably priced at on Amazon(Check Prices).It’s very affordable, thus this should be perfect for budget-conscious consumers looking for a regular massage session. This is definitely a good buy.


  •  Very solid, rigid
  • Portable
  • Very affordable
  • Hard knobs are perfect for those who prefer a hard massage


  •  Solid construction may be painful for some customers with sensitive feet
  • Results of the massage are mainly dependent on the pressure applied by customers



The Foot Roller Massager Acu Point Sensory Reflex is definitely perfect for those who prefer a hard massage at their own convenience. Aside from being very affordable, it is properly designed to satisfy customers’ massaging preferences.