If you have a diary or farm then you would know that taking care of the animals out there needs many a things. These products are found in number but buying the same from a recognized company is very much important. Among the farm essentials the most important are the footbaths for your animals. While you scroll through the internet in search of different footbath essentials for you farm, you are sure to find many companies in the business. But one company that has long time reputation in this particular field is Paxton Agriculture. They provide a wide range of farm products and most importantly footbaths for the farm animals.

Currently, there are several websites, who offer different kinds of foot bath products at affordable prices. If you want to buy a quality foot bath machine at affordable prices, then you may contact Paxton. They provide different kinds of foot bath machines like a walk through foot baths, hoof spreading foot baths, etc. each types of foot baths has different machines. Here we will provide you complete details about different Paxton foot baths machinery.

180 Liter Footbaths:180 Litre Footbath 1

This product capacity is 180 litters. It includes an anti-slip base for safety and it will do quick penetration of foot treatment. It has smooth edges with large radius corners. It will resistant for different types of hazardous chemicals. And you can easily clean it and handle it. All the Paxton products are so flexible that they can be utilized for plentiful applications.


309 Litre Footbath:

309 Litre Footbath 2The capacity of this foot bath is 309 litters. It also has a large radius corner and it will resist from all hazardous chemicals. You can easily handle this item and you can also easily clean this. It’s a tough and one piece moulds.


700 Litre Footbath:

700 Litre Footbath 3The capacity of this product is 700 liters up to. It’s a quick penetration of footrot treatment and it’s completely safe. You can easily handle and maintain this product. The price of the product is also reasonable. For more details about the product, check their site.


86 Littre Footbath:

86 Litre Footbath 4This product capacity includes 86 litters. This footbath generally uses for formalin and it’s a traditional style footbath. It’s a completely safe product and you can use it for footrot treatment. Can connection together length-wise for longer runs.


541 Liters Footbath:

541 Litres Footbath 5The capacity of this type of product is 541 litters. Particularly planned floor spreads the hoof for effectual footrot action. This product is suitable for large animals. If you have large dairy firm, then this product I perfect for you. It’s a completely safe method and very easy to clean and handle it.

Apart from the above list there are several other types of foot bath products available at Paxton. If you check their site properly, you can find complete details about the product and their specification. But if you have any doubt regarding their product and services, call their customer care agent or email them with your query. They have skilled employees, who will answer all your queries. If have large, medium or small diary firm, as per your animals and firm size, Paxton provides different products at affordable prices.