A pedicure does for our feet what a manicure does for our hands; both cure those parts of our body that work hardest for us every day. We barely realize all the times we grab and perform simple-to-difficult tasks with our hands. The same is true for our feet. They support us everywhere we go. Getting a pedicure, whether performed at home or in a nail salon, is the support we give back to keep our feet healthy and looking great.

The Benefits Of Pedicures

There are many reasons to consider getting a pedicure, regardless of your gender. You can take care of your feet at home, but there are benefits to having a professional pedicure over home care.

Foot And Toenail Issues

Keeping Foot Problems From Getting Out Of Hand

Circulation And Relaxation

Before Getting A Pedicure: Things To Consider

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When thinking about making an appointment, there are a few things to consider. First, if you feel you need a pedicure to address an issue you are having with your feet or toes, be sure, whatever your condition, it is one that a pedicure can address. If ingrown nails or bunions have progressed to where you should see a podiatrist, make an appointment with your medical provider before going to a nail salon.

When booking a pedicure, you want to be sure the salon you choose is a clean facility. Good hygiene is key when picking a salon as the procedures open your skin, making you vulnerable to infection.

What To Look For In A Nail Salon

A Clean Facility

What To Expect At Your Pedicure Appointment

Depending on the type of pedicure you choose, plan on spending between a half hour and an hour for your treatment. Add time for the polish to dry if you are using regular polish. If you opt for gel polish, the operator will dry your polish under a special light and you will have no waiting time.

Gel not only cuts down on dry-time but lasts longer than regular polish, especially in the summer when your feet are open to the elements. Sunshine fades polish and sand wears off the finish. With gel, you pay slightly more, but it is immune to the elements, making it a good choice before a vacation, when the last thing you want to think about is cracked or faded polish.

Sit Back And Soak

Your operator will have you soak in soapy, warm water to soften the skin on your feet and around your nails. Soaking makes it easier to perform your pedicure and more comfortable for you than working on dry feet. They will trim your nails, cut out ingrown nails, exfoliate dead skin on your feet, give a short massage of your lower legs and feet using oil or lotion, and polish your nails. More knowledgeable pedicurists can target nerve endings in your feet that directly stimulate blood flow, relieve headaches, or connect to other areas of your body where you might experience discomfort.

Types Of Pedicures

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Many nail salons today offer additional cosmetic services such as waxing, facials, eyelash extensions, and other spa treatments. They also tend to have a full menu of different pedicures packages to make the experience even more pleasurable than the basic service. Be sure to ask your operator for the cost of these pedicures when they offer them to you. Better still, ask to see the written menu describing all their options and pricing.

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Organic Aromatherapy Scrubs

Picking Your Polish


You may be one of those people who treat themselves to a pedicure only on special occasions, or you may be one who considers getting a pedicure a routine part of basic self-care. It is recommended you have a pedicure, whether at home or in a salon, once a month to keep your feet and toes in tip-top condition.

You walk between 8,000 and 10,000 steps a day, and the purpose of your nails is to protect your toes from damage, so it’s easy to understand the importance of taking consistent care of your feet. With all this in mind, the next time you wonder whether to indulge yourself in this oh-so enjoyable and relaxing activity, think of it as an essential rather than a luxury, and move it over from your wish-list to your to-do list.