Chances are you know someone who is suffering from chronic foot pain. They probably have trouble walking and are uncomfortable standing on their feet for long periods of time. This can not only affect their lives, but it can also make it difficult for them to join you in many activities you used to enjoy together. If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift or simply want to show someone that you care here are some great gift ideas for people with foot pain.

Shiatsu Foot Massager


Stress and tension in the foot muscles caused by standing for long periods of time can result in sore, aching feet. A shiatsu foot massager uses varying degrees of pressure and heat to stimulate certain areas of the feet, similar to the techniques applied in acupuncture. The massager can effectively relax tendons and muscles to relieve foot pain, and it is also safe for pregnant women to use.

Foot Spa

Cold Foot Bath

People with tender feet or who simply want a more relaxing experience might benefit from a foot spa. The soothing warm water, along with the massaging effects, can rejuvenate tired feet and alleviate foot pain. These devices are also designed to be gentler, which makes it a great choice for people with sensitive feet.

Foot Mat

Inexpensive and easily portable, a foot mat can be used almost anywhere. The nubs on the mat gently massage the bottoms of the feet to relax strained muscles and relieve foot pain. By stimulating certain pressure points in the feet circulation can also be improved. The added benefit of a foot mat is that it is quiet and does not require a power source.

Foot Massager Ball or Roller


Similar to a foot mat only smaller, a massaging foot ball or roller can effectively relieve pain and relax tight muscles. The compact size makes it great for traveling, and it also does not require an additional power source. People suffering from heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and tired feet can benefit from the temporary relief that these handheld devices can provide.

Massaging Insoles

Point Reflexology Insoles – Men’s2

Walking and standing all day will take a toll on a person’s feet and can often result in aches and pain. Massaging inserts can be slipped into the shoes and provide continuous relief throughout the day. Often recommended for people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, the continuous gentle massage can make it easier for them to walk around. It is important to carefully check the size of the insert to ensure it will fit in their shoes.

Cushioned Inserts

There are several types of cushioned inserts designed to provide comfort when standing or walking, and most are relatively inexpensive compared to other pain relief products. The cushioned pads can help provide extra arch support, while also preventing foot fatigue and aching feet.

Other Gift Ideas for People with Foot Pain

Some other thoughtful and effective gifts for people with chronic foot pain can include massaging kitchen mats and certain creams that are designed to numb nerves. Shoes that are breathable and cushioned can also make great gifts, especially if it is designed specifically for people with foot problems.

If you know someone that is suffering from foot pains choosing a gift that can help them stay comfortable shows that you really care.