10 Must-Have Tools You’ll Love to Have for Healthy Feet

Happy, healthy feet with smiley faces drawn on the toes

Healthy feet are what help us be unstoppable. Whether you have an all-day standing job, you’re into athletics, or you’re a workaholic whose desk job makes their feet feel trapped, your hardworking feet deserve some love.

There’s more than one reason, though. Besides affecting the nerves of the feet, poor circulation of blood might lead to chronic foot pain, blisters, splinters, callouses, and even infections.

If you’re feeling empathy for your hardworking feet, all you need to do is go beyond just giving them a pedicure. Fortunately, healthy feet are just a few tools away.

These tools will help increase the level of blood circulation within your feet while enhancing their overall health. That way, you can also pamper your feet the way they deserve.

Let’s explore each one in detail.

The 10 Best Tools for Healthy Feet

A woman's healthy feet

Perhaps, there might be a single tool that could help your feet in the best way possible. Or you might go for three to four tools for relaxing your feet muscles. It entirely depends on your choice.

Let’s now dive deeper into the tools available for healthy feet so you can choose the ones that fulfill your foot care needs.

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1. YogaToes

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Have those not-so-kind shoes treated your feet badly while giving them bunions and hammertoes? The good news is you don’t have to live like that for the rest of your life.

Manufactured to turn injured feet into healthy feet, YogaToes is a great toe separator and toe stretcher that will provide mobility, endurance, and balance to your toes. The carefully-designed structure soothes tired feet while strengthening weak and neglected toes.

This tool is made with a medical-grade gel that’s 100% hypoallergenic. It’s also free from any toxic materials. It’s easy to glide it on as you just need to moisten it with water.

Wearing YogaToes for 15 minutes a day will help you achieve some much-needed toe dexterity. You might feel a bit of soreness at first, though. That’s normal. But gradually, you can increase this healthy feet regimen to an hour.

2. Cloud Massage Foot Massager Machine

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Want to make your feet happy after a long day? Place your feet onto the Cloud Massage and forget the tiredness!

It’s a massager machine that doesn’t only provide pain relief, it pampers the calves, feet, and ankles with its heat therapy. It uses the Shiatsu technique, which stimulates muscles, improves blood flow, and reduces inflammation.

The manufacturers of Cloud Massage are aware that every person’s muscles require a different level of massaging intensity. Therefore, they’ve introduced three levels of massaging intensity.

You can begin with the lowest level, and then, increase the level according to your comfort. The features don’t end here, though. It provides five distinct settings for relaxation: rolling massage, sway functions, heat function, compression therapy, and quiet mode.

Besides providing comfort to those who stand on their feet all day, Cloud Massage is also a great tool for those combating plantar fasciitis and diabetic neuropathy.

3. Wanderlust Compression Socks

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Wondering what socks have to do with healthy feet? Well, Wanderlust compression socks are the tool for your feet.

Designed to provide graduated compression to foot, ankle, leg, and calves, these socks work while you’re asleep. They enhance the blood flow under the knees by providing pressure to that specific area.

Made of breathable cotton, Wanderlust compression socks are easy to slip on and take off. So, even if you’re ready to walk, hike, travel, or exercise, these socks are your best friend.

That’s because the toe box prevents friction that might lead to corns and blisters. Plus, the foot padding is extra soft so that it can absorb impact.

Its circulatory and anti-embolic design works well for those dealing with sciatica or diabetic swelling. Besides, the heel support is designed in a way that it provides comfort against plantar fasciitis.

4. Toenail Clippers by WANMAT

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You might not realize it often but your toenails might be exposed to a lot of stress. For instance, when they’re frequently rubbed against shoes. Not cutting toenails can also lead to fungi and bacteria.

That’s why these Toenail Clippers from WANMAT are a must-have tool for healthy feet. Made of Japanese stainless steel, this heavy-duty kit is a great tool for those with thick nails, paronychia, and fungus. The premium material also ensures that it’s washable yet rustproof.

The kit includes a nail clipper, nail picker, and nail file. A single kit is ideal for one person. The wider jaw of the nail clipper allows a wider opening for cutting thick nails. Therefore, it’s ideal for seniors who have difficulty cutting nails due to their thick texture.

WANMAT has been serving the foot care industry for decades. We also like the fact that WANMAT offers a lifetime warranty for its toenail clippers. It indicates that this nail tool is likely to meet your expectations.

5. QUINEAR Leg Massager

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Nothing is more irritating than numb feet, aching ankles, and swelled legs. You might agree with us if you stand or sit a lot. Sometimes it’s just not possible to move your feet and get the blood circulation they deserve.

But the QUINEAR leg massager will help ease the pain in your legs, calves, and feet! It’s a wireless leg massager that provides three different modes for reducing muscle stiffness and soreness.

Designed with breathable material, its structure mimics the human hand massaging your feet and legs. Its air-inflated mechanism works by squeezing your feet while improving blood circulation.

It’s also an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to cut down their muscle recovery time. The QUINEAR leg massager helps to relieve exercise fatigue by speeding up the tissue repair process.

It comes with a rechargeable battery and a power adapter. While it takes three hours to fully charge, you can use it for four to five hours after that. The 20-minute automatic shut-off feature is a great safety option that prevents you from overusing it even if you fall asleep.

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6. Love, Lori Shower Foot Massager and Scrubber with Foot File

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If you’re looking for something that works wonders to your feet while also scrubbing them nicely, this shower foot massager from Love, Lori should be on your priority list.

With hundreds of soft bristles, it works two ways: the bristles provide a much-needed massage by targeting the pressure points of your feet while they also act as deep cleaning scrubbers.

Since each pressure point is treated with bristles, it helps relieve foot pain and fatigue while you’re in the shower. This luxurious foot massager is also a time-saving tool for those who are busy and don’t have extra time to spend taking care of their feet.

Plus, it’s a go-to tool for those who want healthy feet but are struggling with heel pain caused by arthritis or neuropathy.

This tool effectively massages the feet while promoting blood circulation and helping you sleep well.

7. Massage Ball by Master of Muscle

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Massage balls by Master of Muscle might look like toys. But their main purpose is to provide rejuvenation to healthy feet. These massage balls will create a large impact on the small tissues in the bottom of your feet.

It has spikes made of durable rubber that can easily withstand body weight. The spiky layer works by hitting the trigger points of the body while giving your foot a stimulating massage.

All you need to do is pick one, place it on the floor, and roll it under your foot. Do this for a few minutes and you’ll notice a slight difference if you’re having symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

You can also put some more pressure on the ball for a deeper massage. Take a break if you feel any soreness, and then, treat your feet with the massage ball again.

Whether you’re hitting the gym or going for a long vacation, taking this compact ball with you will help you speed up muscle recovery.

Even if you’ll be using it for the first time, the manufacturer will email you a free eBook that you can download. The eBook comprises massage techniques that will be a bonus for you.

8. Hot and Cold Therapy Slippers by the Rapid Relief Store

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If pain is constantly bothering your feet, these magic slippers by the Rapid Relief Store come to the rescue! Whether you’re struggling with swollen, sore, or achy feet, the pain relief therapy provided by the slippers will give you the healthy feet you desire to have.

As the name suggests, you can use the slippers in both ways: hot and cold. That’s because these slippers use contour-gel technology that remains adjustable when frozen or heated.

If you prefer heat therapy, you’ll need to microwave the slippers for 30 seconds. Once done, you can flip them and microwave them again for 30 seconds. For cold therapy, just freeze the slippers.

Besides helping to repair tissues of the feet, these hot and cold therapy slippers are ideal for anyone experiencing poor circulation around their feet.

That isn’t the only discomfort these slippers will get you rid of, though. These also work wonders for those suffering from pain caused by arthritis, neuropathy, gout, plantar fasciitis, surgery, pregnancy, or uncomfortable footwear.

9. So lvly foot cream

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It’s time to give some nourishment to those tired feet the natural way. That’s where so lvly foot cream comes in. If you’re one of those who have to stand all day and your feet are sore and dry, this foot cream will give the relief you’re looking for.

Made for overworked feet, it provides a blend of aloe vera and eucalyptus extract that hydrates and moisturizes your feet while revitalizing them.

The manufacturer suggests applying the so lvly foot cream at bedtime. Doing circular massages will help penetrate the cream to the skin while giving you invigoration. The scent is light and refreshing.

What we like about it is that it consists of natural ingredients such as orange oil and arnica extract. Its non-greasy texture ensures that you can apply it to your feet daily. The cap is easy to open. Plus, the compact size is travel-friendly.


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Your work schedule might require you to sit for long hours. But that shouldn’t be the scenario if you feel helpless about those aching feet. Using this BASIC CONCEPTS footrest will remind you that healthy feet should never be ignored.

It’s natural to get stiff feet if ample rest isn’t provided to them while sitting at a desk for hours. That’s why this footrest can be a perfect tool for healthy feet.

Made from high-quality foam, the BASIC CONCEPTS footrest will help improve blood circulation in the feet while relieving leg stiffness.

It will also prevent ankle swelling while easing backaches that might result from putting constant pressure on the feet. It makes all that possible by not letting your feet sink to the floor.

Interestingly, the footrest works in two ways: its cover is made of smooth fabric so you can easily rest your feet on the surface. The underside is textured so that it doesn’t slip around.

You can also flip it over and rest your feet on the textured surface to will give your feet a nice massage.

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The Takeaway

Healthy feet are happy feet. The more you care for your feet, the better you’ll feel about yourself.

If we had to choose one, we’d recommend the Cloud Massage Foot Massager Machine because it’s an all-in-one machine that can soothe tired feet. We especially love the fact that it provides different massaging intensities that can be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

Besides using these tools, you should always consult a podiatrist if you’re having severe or ongoing foot problems. Plus, keeping your feet dry and wearing comfortable shoes will also help you get healthy feet.

Which of the above-mentioned tools seems to work best for your feet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.