We all know you don’t always have to go to a spa to get the ‘spa treatment’. There are all kinds of foot spas to choose from, and although they are tailored to relax and soothe your aching feet, many serve other purposes as well. Some are just water in a basin, others use infrared heat or even both. You can change it up every once in a while to see what suits your tastes and your budget. Here we’ll show list of some of the best products that serve to pamper your feet.

It’s a common theme that spas use heat to massage and alleviate muscle soreness and fatigue. The at-home alternatives are no different with many varieties. Relaxation is the key, and we want to take a look at the best heated foot spas there are to fit your needs.

PIBBS Foot Bath Massager FM3830A

A standard bath massager, the PIBBS is ergonomically designed and you can add bath salts to the water for a nice exfoliating bath. Also includes removable rubber foot pads and nodes underneath for strong stimulation. The water stays warm over an hour after leaving the heat off and comes with several massage modes. Great for those coming in from a long days work and standing on their feet for hours.

Footsie Bath Black Foot Spa

The Footsie Bath is specially designed for feet both big and small. It’s portable so you can enjoy it at home or on your travels. Has four settings, vibration features and bath liners for easy clean-up. Add your favorite bath salts for an even more invigorating experience. It’s pricy, but is recommended for both personal and professional use and is one of the more popular foot bath spas available.

All in one foot spa bath massager

Despite the cost, this is by far the most versatile of the spa baths. The All-In-One comes with heating therapy, bubbles massage, high-level vibration and infrared therapy. From previous reviews this product is able to improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue of the feet. It has several modes to choose from, such as maintaining constant temperatures and speed heating. If too much heat is a concern, this massager comes with secure protection from overheating. Best of all, it’s large enough to fit up to men’s size 14, so anyone can get the most from this product.

Conair Foot Spa with Massaging Bubbles and Heat

For those of you wanting to relax on a budget, the Conair may be your best fit. It comes with the standard features for any foot spa; massage nodes, rubber pads and toe-touch control. One of the best features of this particular spa is the spot massage function, which targets specific areas of the feet. While it’s not as fancy as some of the other brands, it serves its purpose very well.

Be sure to check out all the foot spa reviews for these products. These are the most popular for a reason, but it always comes down to your personal choice and needs. It’s important that we are able to relax and enjoy ourselves and at-home foot spas are the tried and true ways to do so.