Standing on your feet all day can be painful and tiring. Sometimes it can seem like your shoes weigh a ton, and each step you take is with difficulty. Supportive shoes and cushioned inserts can help relieve some of your foot pain, but often it is not enough.

While a masseuse can help relieve the foot pain, it is impractical and expensive to visit one every time your feet ache. Instead there are inexpensive home foot massaging units that can work wonders on your tired aching feet. One of our favorite foot massagers is manufactured by Homedics and can help your feet feel reenergized and ready for another long day.

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Reviewing Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager

This durable and easy to use foot massager can ease the tension from your aching feet. It features three spinning steel balls that knead the muscles in your feet, while the soothing heat helps you to relax. The unit is easy to control and gives you the option of using the warming setting, or kneading your foot muscles without it.

The massaging heads rotate opposite of each other, so both of your feet get the exact same treatment. It is lightweight at only 4.2 pounds, and includes LED lights so you know the unit’s exact setting. It is capable of deep massages that are ideal for anyone who spends most of their day standing on their feet.

The Pros and Cons of the Foot Massager

The steel rotating balls can give your feet a deep massage which can help to alleviate aches and pains that can occur when you have been standing on your feet all day. The lightweight foot massager can also be used to knead tired muscles in your neck and lower back, and is small enough to make it convenient to take with you when you travel.

Since the electric massager plugs into any standard 110V outlet, it can be used almost anywhere in the world. Other benefits of the massaging unit include the soothing heat feature, and the fact that is it extremely quiet when it is running. LED lights are also included so you also know what setting you are using the unit on, and it also has a protective feature that causes the portable foot massager to automatically shut off if there is too much pressure applied to the top of it.

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There are some disadvantages to using this foot massager, including the fact that there is only one massaging speed. The deep kneading balls can sometimes be too intense for men and women with sensitive or extremely ticklish feet. This problem can usually be correct by simply putting a barrier between the unit and your feet. Most people have found that a pair of socks works perfectly.

Other cons associated with the massaging unit include the fact that it does take several minutes for the device to heat up. The plastic covering can also crack after several uses, which can cause additional foot discomfort and damage to the inner motor.

About Homedics

Since 1987 Homedics has been the leader in manufacturing products that improve our health and general wellness. With a long line of high quality massage, sleep, and health products and devices available it is easy to see why this company has been leading the industry for over twenty years. All of their products are also backed by a warranty which makes it easy for you to trust this company’s products to help you feel healthier and happier.

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This small, inexpensive foot massager is ideal for anyone who is on their feet for long periods of time, or for anyone who simply loves getting a great foot massage. It is easy to use and effective, and can help you forget about your tired and aching feet.