It is without any doubt that people are looking into adapting the trend of having a foot massager at home. Most people would love to experience reflexology sessions that can only be experienced at a foot spa or reflexology center right at the comfort of their home. The small unit of Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager can smoothen or lessen the feeling of a tiring and aching feet, plus, it can also assist you in forgetting about the long and exhausting day that you just had. There are many types of models you can choose from in the market, but today we are going to do a review about the Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager.

Product Description – Performance and Use

This product is able to give you a deep, rejuvenating and relaxing massage. It includes 3 turning or rotating heads for each foot. These heads target the heel, midsole and forefront at once. All in all, there are a total of 18 kneading nodes that can give the deep kneading your feet needs. To top it off, it comes with a heating option. We all know that heating option for a massage therapy is always a good pick. The Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager is a high quality product and it is built from durable plastic. It is also flat and stable thus providing a very convenient position when you are using it. The fairly easy to use massager also a toe touch control button and this can make your session much more convenient whereby you don’t have to stop using the device while adjusting the setting. To experience the best out of this product, it also comes with LED lights to ensure you always know what setting the device is currently in.


1) This device can be easily plugged into any 120V outlet, thus it is portable and can be brought anywhere with ease.

2) You can use this product anywhere, at home or even in a quiet office as it is superbly quiet.

3) This device is very light and it weighs only 6.8 pounds, so, you can comfortably use it to massage your aching neck or lower back muscles.


1) The position of this foot massager cannot be adjusted, some users have to use other materials to support it to be in the best position to get the best massage result.

2) This product is not recommended to be used by you if you have diabetes or if you have very high arches.

3) Customers with ticklish or sensitive feet usually found this product as too rough for their preference.

Product Features

1) It has deep kneading Shiatsu that relaxes and soothes your feet

2) It contains 6 rotational heads for double the massage

3) It has 18 massage nodes

4) It comes with soothing heat

5) It has the easy to use toe-touch control for easy usage


The Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager is perfect for anyone who is suffering from terrible aching feet. The 6 rotating massagers can do wonders by massaging all of the pain and tension from your footpad while the heating can rejuvenate you. To add it up, it is light and quiet, thus, you can use it anywhere you want, may it be in the office or at home. The call is yours.