A foot detox is an impeccable and safe method of detoxing your body. The following will guide you through how to comprise a foot detox conveniently and inexpensively within the comfort of your home.  

What You Will Need

A simple container that will comfortably fit both of your feet.

An herb packet that is specifically for foot detoxification or tea, dried hot peppers, garlic, ginger, tea (herbal, regular or green) or dried citrus fruit peels.

You will need to experiment with the listed ingredients in order to find the proper combination for your needs.

How to Prepare the Foot Bath

Fill the container ¾ full with water that is approximately the temperature of a hot tub.

Mix in either your homemade detox concoction or the mixture that was purchased.

Soak your feet for no more than 25 minutes.

Rines and thoroughly dry.