foot_reflex_chartA foot massage is a wonderfully pleasant experience that many people view as a luxury, but it can also improve your general well being. Chinese medicine states that there are pressure points in the soles of the feet, which correspond to certain areas in the body. When these points are massaged, studies are showing that it can promote over all good physical and psychological health. Here are some of the ways that a home foot massager can improve general health.

Ease Stress and Improve General Well Being

A foot massage can help you relax, and increase your sense of general well being. Studies are showing that a home foot massager can relieve anxiety, and help to improve your outlook on life. It is also effective at reducing stress and anxiety due to surgical procedures, and can help patients to feel calmer after the operation.

Massaging certain pressure points on the bottoms of your feet can help to relieve various aches and pains. Regular foot massages can relieve pain from strained tendons, and ease tightness in your lower back and legs. People who suffer from frequent headaches can also find relief massaging the pressure points in their feet, and it can also help to alleviate hip and knee pain.

Along with being able to relief various aches and pains, a home foot massager can also help to ease nausea. In a recent study conducted in Australia, researchers noticed that cancer patients who received regular foot massagers found relief from the nausea that was an unpleasant side effect of chemotherapy. Since a home foot massager is also safe for pregnant women, it can be effective at treating morning sickness.

Relief from Multiple Sclerosis

A recent study conducted among patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis found that a home reflexology foot massager could help to lessen some of the debilitating symptoms. Many patients noticed an improvement in the symptoms associated with their sensory, urinary, and motor systems when they regularly enjoyed a foot massage. It is thought that rubbing the pressure points help to stimulate these systems commonly affected by the disease.

Lower Stress and Tension

A foot massage can help you relax, and ease stress and tension. Not only does this help to improve your general sense of well being, it can also improve your health. Lower stress levels can help improve the health of your heart, and even reduce high blood pressure. A foot massage can also improve circulation which will result in an improvement in your overall health. The increase in blood flow can also help to re energize tired leg and feet muscles so you have more energy to enjoy your daily life.

Healthier Feet

Improved circulation and stimulating the soles of your feet will relieve the pain and pressure that can occur after a long day. Not only does it feel wonderfully relaxing, it can also help any foot injuries heal faster. When your feet are healthy and pain free, your general sense of well being is dramatically improved.

Not only is a home foot massager a great way to relax after a busy day, it can also help to improve your general health. It is one of the few things that you can do that not only feels great, but is also good for you.