The iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Foot Massager is a mechanical device developed by a team of scientists, researchers, and engineers to relieve muscle pains on the feet, calf, and back of the legs. It has robotic, rotating massagers that provide muscle treatment using what’s called the Human Touch Technology (HTT). HTT is right now considered as one of the most advanced robotic massage system in the market.

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Key Features

  • An automatic shutdown timer that turns off the massager after 20 minutes
  • Comes with 10 foot massage rollers that replicate reflexology
  • Variable speed
  • Can be easily adjusted to accommodate the desired height and angle
  • Can rotate and lock in any preferred position

iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Foot Massager - Black MS Foot massage Pros

  • Includes rollers that stimulate the results of reflexology
  • Allows easy adjustment of height and angle for convenience
  • Easy to use
  • Effective in relieving the calf and leg from muscle pains


  • May not accommodate larger foot or calf sizes
  • Although it’s effective, it’s a bit pricy

A Detailed Description of the iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Foot Massager 

Design and Durability (4.0/5.0)

iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Foot Massager - Black MS ControlThe iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Foot Massager is sturdy and solid, thus the pressure it makes is firm. The area where you can position your calf is approximately 4 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. This means that the lower area of the calf can still benefit even if the calf is quite large. However, the size may not be enough especially for men with larger calves. The incline of the massager can also be easily adjusted to fit the legs and can accommodate various leg positions. Lastly, the black material, where you position your calf, cannot be removed, but can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Ease of Use (4.5/5.0)

The massager is comfortable to use most especially if your calf or leg fits perfectly. You can also move your legs up and down as needed and can position them on any angle possible. However, this versatility, in terms of positioning, may be a problem for taller guys who have larger calves. Moreover, the speed and height can also be easily adjusted.

Efficiency (4.0/5.0)

iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Foot Massager - Black MS FlexibilityIf your calf or leg fits perfectly on the foot massager, you’ll surely notice that your muscles are more relieved and relaxed. That’s because the massage rollers can effectively press onto the affected muscles. However, it’s going to be exactly different if your wider foot or bigger legs don’t fit. It tends to hurt a bit and could in fact be aggravating. For best results, make sure to fit the massager first before purchasing.

Price (4.5/5.0)

I find this iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Foot Massager reasonably priced at $179.95. It may be a bit pricy, but its relieving results are worth the money.



The iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Foot Massager is a highly recommended massager for those who are experiencing chronic pain on the calf and leg. For best results, make sure to try fitting it first so you’ll know if it can accommodate your size.