The first thing to know before going deep in to the fact about the color charts of the ionic cleansing. It is important to know what does the term ionized cleansing means. To start with, ionized cleansing is the process by which the bodily toxins are removed with the help of electrolysis and salt. Salt is dipped in warm water which in turn reacts with the electrolysis and opens the pores in the feet and that in turn releases the toxins from the body through the feet.

Now, while going through this foot bath, the water tends to turn in to various colors. Each color signals which part of the body releases what kind of toxins. There is a particular chart available according to which the color determines the toxin release from a particular organ of the body. In the paragraph below we will go through the color chart of the ionize cleansing. To more go through the paragraphs that decline.

How does ionize cleansing works?

ionic-foot-bath time

These days each and every individual’s life tends to become very stressed and tired. Such tiredness and stress takes a toll on the health of an individual. The toxins which get accumulated in the body due to the stress and tiredness are removed with the help of the ionized cleansing method. The ionized method feels just like the feeling of walking barefooted in the beach.

The water contains neutralized particles that tend to pull out all the toxins from the body with the help of the osmosis. The color of the water that changes is the result of the toxins that come out of the body. But the change in the color of the water doesn’t always mean that the effect of the toxins that are coming of the body is visible but also the toxins that aren’t visible through the color change are also coming out at the same time.

After the ionized foot bath is complete you will see that fat and mucous particles in the water. All these particles are those waste and toxins that leave the boy in the half an hour of the whole foot bath regime. But it is important on the part of the individual to continue to the regime regularly for better results. The best way to know what organ of the body contains the toxins is to see the color in tow which the water has changed. The salt that is infused in the warm water is due to the reaction that happens with the body and opens the pores which pulls all the toxins from the body and that in turn changes the color of the water.

The ionized water is that method of cleansing that draws the toxins towards them and then pulls the same through the 2000 pores available in the feet. The spores of the feet are a group of atoms that has a negative and positive charge in the same. The ions charge with each other and that energizes the cells of the body and which in turn gives away the toxins from the body. The whole negative positive charging is known as electrolysis. It helps in balancing both the energy and the harmony of the body. Doing the whole process needs a particular method. In such a method the feet are dipped in a bucket of water which needs to have an array unit. This array unit works together with the ions and thus the balance between the electromagnetic forces are formed and the toxic substances are released. The device, in which the feet are dipped, resonates in water and thus does the same thing that a hot natural spring does.

Identifying the colors of the ionized water:

The color of the water tends to change the moment toxins from the body are pulled out from the same. The color of water normally changes in to yellow, green, brown and many more. But also the water will hold some foam based particles which are nothing but the waste that comes out of the body through the feet. Here, is the chart on what color describes the organs from which the toxin releases.

BLACK Liver and the Gall Bladder
BLACK FLECKS Heavy metals
BLUE Kidney
BROWN Tobacco, Liver and Cellular Debris
GREEN Gallbladder
RED FLECKS Blood clot materials and cellular debris
YELLOW Urinary tract, bladder and female or prostate area.
CHEESY Fungal infections and candidas
FOAM Mucus

Why foot bath brings out toxins from the body?

Feet are that part of the body that connects to every part of the same. It has different channels that help in pulling out toxins with the help of the electric current that is compound and the magnetic field structure. The pores that the feet has are many in numbers and that in turn helps in bringing out the toxins from the body

Why toxins get accumulated in the body?


The modern age has changed the whole lifestyle of an individual. An individual tends to avoid that precaution that in the earlier times was the secret to a healthy lifestyle. Now-a-days people are more in to those kinds of things that contribute in the degradation of health and accumulation of toxins like, the diet these days do not contain fruits and vegetables, lack in exercise  and people are more in to drugs and tobaccos. Moreover, different illness, stress, diseases, worries and even poor diet is also the reason. People these days have developed bad habits like, alcohol consumption and smoking which is another reason behind the accumulation of toxins. Ionized cleansing is important because problems like, arthritis, poor blood circulation, kidney and liver dysfunction and insomnia has become a common problem these days. So, an ionized cleansing helps to get rid of such problems.

The bad effect left by the toxins:

The effect left by the toxins worsens the condition of the skin, makes the problem of cold and flu rampant. You will find that the skin starts showing various kinds of problems. Lethargy and tiredness takes its place and even some people are more prone to bad body odor and breath and even problem of severe headaches. But these entire problems bring out a common question of identifying the need of ionic cleaning.

Identifying the need of ionic cleansing:

Toxins are nothing more than that kind of substance which in normal words is harmful for the body. It affects the growth and the health of the body in many ways. It slows the normal blood circulation and oxygen flow of the body and reason which the body becomes non-responsive to medicines and more responsive to various health issues. Moreover, the normal exhale and inhalation too helps in consuming various kinds of toxins which in turn makes the lethal to diseases. It is important to identify the problems of toxins or the early indications of the same and go for the ionic cleansing

Some of the indications are:

  • Feeling of lethargy while waking up in the morning and feeling tired all through the day. Even in cases when you have had enough sleep the whole night.
  • The whole seems tiresome and you feel the lack of energy in your body if also you haven’t done any such work.
  • Regular and consistent headaches without any reason and that make the whole condition worse.
  • Mood swings on regular intervals and the feeling of irritation without any reason.
  • Problem of constipation, acid reflux and digestive problems. If the same has become a common problem.
  • Normal day to day activities tend to make the joins painful and produce inflammation.
  • Skin becomes irritated without any reason.
  • Allergies become a common problem.
  • The sense of sadness always prevails in the mind and makes the whole day filled with sorrow and that too without any reason.

These above signs are a warning that the body has started to give away signals of toxin overload and needs an internal cleansing.

The relief provided by the ionized cleansing sessions:

With the problem that is left behind by the toxins, an ionic cleansing helps in getting rid of many problems. The chart mentioned above is the proof that the color that comes out of the body through the feet means that the toxins from that particular part of the body are removed. It makes the body healthy and provides oxygen supply to the different parts of the body. The reliefs provided by the ionic cleansing are: a body detoxification, reduces pain in the body and neutralizes free radicals. It also makes the mind calm, cleans all kinds of fluids and tissues in the body, reduces fluid retention and elevates the condition of the skin. The ionic cleansing helps getting better sleep, increases the energy levels of the body and elevates and protects injury recovery time and diseases respectively. It also removes toxins from the liver and kidney, helps in boosting the immune system, provides relief from chronicle headaches and removes harmful metals from the body.

The advantages of the ionized cleansing:               

An ionic cleansing is very much beneficial for the body as it helps in getting rid of the toxins from the body that can be identified by the color in to which the water changes. Many of the customers have stated that the ionized cleaning provides a feeling of spring cleaning that is done through the natural process. It not only helps in renewing the energy but at the same time provides a balance between the mind and the body. It makes the body feel rejuvenated and refreshed at the same time. It is such a help that promotes an all round health benefit.

These were some of the things that a person should know about the ionic cleansing color chart and how everything works and functions. This is one of the best methods of getting rid from the toxins of the body and that in turn promotes the health of an individual.