There’s nothing like a day at the spa. Pampering your body too much-needed rest and recovery, you’re able to unwind and let the stress of daily life whisk away like a morning mist. There are spa care services for every part of your body, including your feet. If you suffer feet pain, you know the importance of doing what you can for your feet. While there is a number of services, you can consider the jelly pedicure might be the best. This is something you don’t need to go to the spa for. You can find it at local nail salons.

At your local nail salon, you’ll save money without being forced to sign up for the services weeks in advance. Most will allow walk-in appointments (although, depending on your location, it is important to look into whether appointments are required). If you are someone who suffers from foot pain, you’ll likely to do anything in your own power to reduce this discomfort and do what you can to feel better. In these instances, the jelly pedicure may just be what you’re looking for. 


What Is a Jelly Pedicure?

The jelly pedicure is unique in terms of spa services. Few other treatment options are available like this, which is why it is worth at least trying out once. With a traditional pedicure, your nail technician will clean your feet and trim your nails. They will probably apply a specialty polish to your nails while shaping the nails. You may also pay extra to have the dead skin removed from your feet. While your feet may not feel better if you suffer from foot pain your feel will feel clean and refreshed. The jelly pedicure is different from the traditional service.

With a jelly pedicure, the water used to exfoliate and soak your feet turns into an encasing jelly. In this way, instead of feeling as if you’re taking a foot bath the jelly forms around your feet, locking your feet in warmth. It feels as if your feet are wrapped in a towel made from liquid. Plus, the jelly will retain the heat. With water, the heat will immediately begin to reduce once your feet are in the water, so what started as a hot temperature when you first put your feet in may end up lukewarm at the end of the service. The water in a jelly pedicure will retain the heat for up to four times longer.

In order to create the jelly pedicure, there are additives included with the water. The first is a natural powder that helps create the gelatin mixture when combined with the water (gelatin is a natural ingredient and found in nature). The second ingredient is typically baking soda. Baking soda is an excellent ingredient used to clean the skin and your feet. Combined with natural mineral sea salts dissolved into the mixture and your feel will feel nourished while the gelatin locked in the moisture around your feet.


Benefits of a Jelly Pedicure?


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The first major benefit of a jelly pedicure is a relaxing experience. You go to a nail salon to not only improve the look of your nails but because it offers an inexpensive spa-like service. It shows you don’t need to go to the spa in order to enjoy a spa-like service. This is especially beneficial when you suffer from foot pain because all you want will be something to reduce the level of pain you’re experiencing. By focusing on your feet that is exactly the kind of service you’ll receive. A foot-centric service designed to help reduce the pain in your feet.


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The next benefit of a jelly pedicure is exfoliating your feet. The gelatin used for your feet will solidify around your feet, helping your feet keep warm while improving the level of soak your feet experience. This means if you have calluses and cuticles the two will soften faster and to a greater extent. This makes it easier to remove the dead skin from your feet.

Dead Skin Removal

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Removing the dead skin from your foot might help with your pain. It depends on what kind of foot pain you have. Some people experience foot pain because of developed corns and calluses on their feet. Calluses develop on the feet when a person’s shoes do not fit correctly. The skin of the feet rubs up against the edge of the shoe, causing friction. The skin then develops these calluses to protect against friction. Of course, the more your feet rub against the shoe, the larger the calluses become.

This makes it especially painful. So by going to the nail salon and experiencing a jelly pedicure, you might very well reduce the level of pain you’re experiencing. However, this pain will eventually return unless you change the shoes you wear. If you do not change the shoes, you wear your feet will continue to rub against the side of your shoes which will bring calluses back to your feet.


Will It Help My Foot Pain?

There are two kinds of pain relief you’re likely looking for when it comes to your foot pain: long term and short term. There’s no denying you will experience short-term, immediate pain relief. There’s just something about soaking in warm water that helps reduce the level of pain you’re suffering from. After kicking off your shoes from a long day on your feet and soaking them in hot water, you’ll immediately begin to feel better.

With the jelly pedicure, the jelly-like substance will solidify around your feet, to help maintain this level of comfort. The warm jelly will lock in the warmth, extending the length of time for which you feel this added heat. It takes the level of relief you experience during a traditional pedicure and amplifies it. So if you enjoy the heat and the services offered by a regular pedicure you’ll find the jelly pedicure takes it to an entirely different level.

The bigger question you likely have thought is whether a jelly pedicure offers long-term pain relief. It’s one thing to reduce the level of foot pain you’re suffering from when your feet are submerged into the hot water. However, it’s entirely different for it to offer you long-term benefits. To answer this, it all comes down to what kind of foot pain you suffer from.

If your foot pain comes from the build-up of dead skin or calluses along the sides of your feet then yes, a jelly pedicure will probably help. With the jelly pedicure, it is easier to find dead skin and remove these areas from your body. This includes the calluses. By removing the calluses from your feet you’ll be able to walk easier, and you won’t suffer the same kind of skin brushing up against the side of a shoe which makes it easier to walk. However, if you suffer from other kinds of foot pain, you may not have the same kind of long-term benefit.

In other situations, you may need to see a foot doctor for long-term pain relief. There’s a chance your arches are off, and you need inserts for your feet to improve the arch of your shoe. If you have lower back pain and foot pain, then you might suffer from arch problems. The inserts will help with this. If you have corns on your feet, this is often developed by the shift in your bones. Corns are incredibly painful, and while you will experience immediate relief from the jelly pedicure, it will not be long term.

With a corn, you might need to see a foot doctor. You can also use pads purchased at the local grocery store to place around the corns in order to prevent rubbing the corn against other toes. These are means for reducing pain, but again, outside of going to the doctor, you may continue to suffer foot pain. However, the best way to determine whether jelly pedicures help with your foot pain is to visit a local nail salon and test it out for yourself.



When you suffer foot pain, you know just how important it is to find relief. A jelly pedicure is a great way to relax and to let the stress of daily life lift from your body. By submerging your feet into the warm water, you’ll feel better. The jelly variation of the pedicure helps lock in moisture around your feet while keeping them warm for longer. It also helps improve the exfoliation process of your feet.

In terms of pain relief though it can be difficult to determine exactly what kind of pain relief you’ll experience. Yes, you’ll experience immediate pain relief, regardless of what causes your foot pain. However, long-term foot pain relief will come based on the issue you are suffering from. Whether you experience short-term or long-term pain, the best way to discover what will happen with your foot pain is to experience a jelly pedicure for yourself.

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