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There is no better means to satisfy an aching foot than to give it a soothing massage. Not unless you own a massage parlor, getting professional treatment may not be right away possible. Of course, anybody suffering a foot ailment, plantar fasciitis for example, would think twice of going somewhere distant just to get treatment. What’s essential, therefore, is something that can efficiently follow the ways of the human touch and effectively provide healing results.

One of the most popular practices in alternative medicine is reflexology. It’s popularly known of relieving stress and pain in the body by applying manipulative pressure to the feet and hands. It’s also unique in the sense that massaging techniques involved don’t require the use of lotion and oil. With that principle in mind, Shining Image created a massager that offers an automatic massage program.

Called the Kendal Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot and Calf Massager Personal Health Studio Leg Beautician, it is one of the must-have foot massagers in the market today. It is an exceptional foot massager that offers therapeutic features. Like the shiatsu and kneading massage, it works on the foot and the calf. Its 12 massage discs provide a strong massaging blend that emulates the works of a reflexology therapist. The discs press hard into the muscles and other sensitive parts of the foot, thus relieving tension and enhancing blood circulation.


The Kendal Foot and Calf Massager is ergonomically designed with the help of medical practitioners who’ve made sure it’s able to deliver the capabilities of a real massager. There are 4 discs on the calf and 8 on the foot, with each of them simultaneously massaging the foot, ankle, and calf. They rub and squeeze hardily the pressure nodes under each foot to stimulate reflexology pressure points.

The massager works on a 100-volt supply and can be adjusted in three different modes. The foot and calf massage may be operated independently, the same way as the heat level. Moreover, the desired modes can either be made through the touch-panel control on the machine or using a remote control.

For effortless cleaning, it comes with a Velour New MicroSuede Fabric that can be detached easily. It covers the machine, so it doesn’t get dirty right away.


  • Does quality and heavy-duty massage, resembling that of a real reflexology massager
  • Foot, calf massage and heat level can easily be adjusted to different pressure zones; either through the touch-panel control on the machine or through a remote control
  • Its soothing results can readily be observed in a span of a few minutes
  • Affordable for an automatic machine that has multifunctional features


  • Comfortability may not be the same for all, first-time users may find it tight and painful on the calf
  • It’s quite bulky and heavy at around 24 pounds
  • Vibration tends to create some noise
  • Massagers are very firm, so they may not be good for those with very sensitive feet



The Kendal Foot and Calf Massager is a comprehensive massager with promising benefits to the foot and calf needing therapy. However, it is not budget friendly.