Pain is the most irritating sensation that the body goes through. If you are a regular sufferer when it comes to pain then you would know how bad everything else feels. Pain is another reason that the toxins start to get accumulated in the joints. Different cultures around the world have some of the special ways of get rid of the pains by detoxing the body or reflexology.

The best way to get rid of the toxins from the body is through the feet. The Japanese have such a way of getting rid of the toxins from the body and providing relief to various kinds of pains and it is known as, Kinotakara. The Kinotakara is a physiotherapeutic health care product that helps in providing a relief to the body by pulling out the toxins from the body with the help of a foot patch. The feet patch works in the acupuncture and the reflexology places of the feet.

This particular foot patch system is very popular among Japanese people as it is a pain relief solution. These days’ even people around the world have started to take the Kinotakara foot patch treatment in to consideration. There are different health centers who offer this treatment over the costly and regular pain relief medicines, as this is semi-natural way of getting rid of the bodily toxins that made up the pain condition in the body.

There are different questions that tend to come up in the minds of people who don’t have much idea about the Kinotakara treatment. They have various questions that are important to be fulfilled, so that they can opt for the same. The paragraphs below will contain a detailed understanding about the Kinotakara foot patch. Those who are interested to know, please cater down the paragraphs below.

What is Kinotakara?

This foot patch health care system was first introduced by a Japanese scientist Dr. Takao Matsushita and Dr. Kawase Itsuko. The idea behind this thought of pain relief method was to provide a balance between the body and mind, keeping the thought of how the nature produces a balance in the environment. The main thought behind the whole process was to provide a natural way of pain relief. This whole Kinotakara is a result of about 26 years of sincere and dedicated scientific process and test. It was made with the idea of the natural eco-system and same is down with the individual in this health process.

The scientists discovered that the tress in natural have a unique way to get rid of the toxins in them. They have included different ecological and herbal properties in the Kinotakara. So, it is in no way have any side-effects. The foot patch used in Kinotakara has all the herbal medicinal properties.

How does the Kinotakara works?

After the person applies the foot patch of kinotakara in the foot sole, the same helps in stimulating the internal organs of the body and that in turn does the same that a massage does in all. But the working pattern of the Kinotakara is mostly physic-chemical and that further helps in removing the tough toxins from the body.

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The properties that the Kinotakara foot patch has:

The Kinotakara foot patch contains an array of natural and herbal ingredients ranging from Tourmaline which is best for improving the blood circulation of the body, Chitosan which helps in keeping the body warm and rejuvenated at the same time and Pearl powder, which is loaded with the powers of anti-gravity. The foot patch additionally consists of Wood vinegar, which works in absorbing the harmful waste from the body. It also has dextrin and glycolic acid and pure silica that helps in elevating the functions of the already existing properties and the proper circulation of the free radicals that are good respectively.

Placing pattern of the Kinotakara foot patch:

The Kinotakara foot patch can be placed anywhere in the body but the best place to place the same are the feet because feet have more than 60 acupuncture pressure points. According to the medical science feet are one such part of the body that is directly connected to the internal organs of the body. The reason for such acupuncture points, the massage in feet is very effective and it elevates the blood circulation in the nerves.

How to apply the Knotakara?

The Kinotakara can be used as a plaster anywhere in the body wherever there is a sensation of pain. It is used mainly to get relief from any pain. But the best part to place the Kinotakara foot patch is the sole of the foot. It is carefully placed in the acupuncture points and that in turn increases the blood circulation in the body. After applying the foot patch it is best to go off to sleep. Or precisely put on before you go off to bed at night. For the people who like sleeping for a longer period of time in the day can also use the same before sleeping. As the patch works best while the body is in the position of rest. But it is best to leave the patch for duration of 6 hours.

The Kinotakara foot patch helps in getting rid of the harmful toxins from the body with the help of the feet. After you use the same you will see that the color of the foot patches turn darker in color which means that it has given away much of the toxins. It is great for the patients who suffer from the problem of Arthritis.

Understanding the effects of the usage of Kinatokara foot patch:

After removing the foot patch in 6 to 7 hours the detox effects will be clearly visible in the pads. The Kinatokara pads will turn in to a darker shade from the color white. The color will change according to the toxins that come out from various organs of the body. The color chart ranges from, black, grey, green, red, brown and dark brown. But it is very important on the part of the individual to use the same accordingly for about 3 weeks and that too regularly for some overwhelming results.

The effects of the Kinotakara will be pretty visible after sometime. The person using the same will find out that he or she is having better sleep than before and has rejuvenated mind of body with zeal to work. Lack in fatigue and more energy to do different kind of works. But it should be also kept in mind that if the same is not the case than the reason may be because of larger amounts of toxins that are present in the body. If you don’t find effects then it is recommended that the pad should be used more often to see results.

The advantages of the Kinotakara patch:

The Kinotakara foot patches are loaded with various kinds of benefits that make a person healthy from various heath conditions. The Kinotakara foot patch helps in getting rid of the harmful toxins from the body and in the process removes the same. It makes the skin healthy and boots the vitality in the body. The usage of the same makes the body more alert and it increases the blood circulation in the body which in turn helps in getting rid of the fatigue. The anxiety and stress tends to get away with and the immune function of the body improves.  It additionally helps in controlling the body weight and at the same time decreases the appearance of the cellulite in the body.

The KInotakara foot patch is one of the most identified and appreciated, natural health care benefit that has been accepted by customers. It has both the mixture of scientific technology and the essence of nature. Somebody, who takes the process sincerely then they will see effects and if somebody doesn’t then there is nothing to worry as the experts say that in certain cases the foot patch takes some time.

These were some of the understanding about the Kinotakara foot patch. This Japanese pain relief solution is a helpful one in the recent times and it gets away with the toxins formed in the body in a simple and painless manner. So, if you are somebody who has been suffering from the problem of any kind of pain then this is nice solution for you too.