If you suffer from chronic foot pain, you know how great a shiatsu massage can be. Developed by the Japanese, it is similar to acupuncture but targets the pressure points in the feet with balls and rollers instead of pins and needles. Effective at treating foot pain due to poor circulation, or for simply easing tendons and soothing nerves, a shiatsu foot massage is something that everyone can benefit from.

With advances in technology, it is now possible to have a deep kneading shiatsu foot massage in the privacy of your own home. A personal massager can help relieve the stress and tension in your feet that is often responsible for the pain that you feel. Keep reading to see what we think the best affordable shiatsu foot massager is.

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Key Features

Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager (3Q MG-F18) ControlsThis personal foot massager is ideal for anyone who suffers from chronic foot pain. It is durable and easy to operate, and even includes an automatic shutoff to prevent motor damage. The comfortably roomy foot pads inflate to cover your feet and ankles to makes sure that all of the pressure points are massaged.

It features three separate settings that include a kneading, shiatsu, or air pressure massage, along with the option of using the heating function. Both of the kneading and shiatsu massages are able to cover all of the pressure points on your feet, and the air pressure setting helps to relax and soothe tired feet. The easy to use foot massager includes both a manual and automatic mode, and the intensity of the compressed air has three different settings.

It is compact to fit easily in your bathroom cabinet or closet, and lightweight enough to move to different rooms. If you have ever suffered from foot pain, or simply love the feeling of a shiatsu massage then this is the best foot massager for you.

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Pros and Cons

One of the main advantages of this foot massager is the fact that it is capable of reaching all of the pressure points on your feet and ankles. Not only does this help to relieve your foot pain, it can also improve circulation and ease tension in your legs, back, and neck. Another plus to this personal shiatsu foot massager is the fact that you can adjust the intensity of the massage in several different ways. Adjust the air pressure for lighter rubbing or simply remove some of your weight from the foot rests. Either way you can also ensure that you get the perfect amount of deep kneading pressure from your massage.

Other benefits to the personal foot and heel massager include the fact that it is lightweight and compact, for easy storage and portability. It is easy to care for, and the covers are machine washable. Since it uses compressed air to massage your aching feet, you also get the bonus of an uninterrupted foot massage.

The major drawback to this personal shiatsu foot massager is that it can run slightly smaller than standard U.S. shoe sizing. Other complaints include the fact that while this may be an adjustable foot massager, the combined air pressure and massaging nubs may still be too intense for sensitive feet.

About 3Q

This young company has dedicated itself to providing its customers with the best products at affordable prices. With a long line of awarding brand names, it is not surprising that this is considered the top personal shiatsu foot massager for tired and achy feet. With excellent customer service and manufacturer’s warranties, you can rest assured you are always purchasing a durable, high quality foot massager from 3Q.

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This personal shiatsu kneading foot massager has all of the massaging options you need to relieve your chronic or occasional foot pain. It lets you control every aspect of the massage, and is also durable and long lasting. Whether it is a medical condition that is causing your foot pain, or you simply love to relax and unwind with a foot massage this is our pick for one of the best on the market.