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The Massage King Mk9199 2012 Model is a multifunctional, mechanical massager that’s designed to work on different parts of the lower body like the thigh, knee, leg, and foot. It is equipped with air bags and rollers that simultaneously squeeze and massage various body parts to relax muscles. Most of all, its double-action performance helps enhance blood circulation, relieve joint pains, and ease fatigue.

 Key Features

  • A multifunctional massager that can efficiently work on the leg, calf, thigh, knee, and ankle
  • Strategically designed to massage various acupuncture points on the foot and leg
  • Massage rollers can be adjusted to work on different angles
  • Equipped with heat therapy

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Detailed Review of the Massage King Mk9199 Plus 2012 Model

 Design and Durability (4.0/5.0)

The Massage King Mk9199 Plus 2012 Model is a compact mechanical massager that offers a lot massaging options. It’s uniquely designed to work on different angles, thus it perfectly fits onto the thigh or other parts of the foot and leg. I find this very helpful as it makes the massaging experience convenient and easier at the same time. Massage King did a great job of offering different intensity settings, but it seems too strong even on the lowest scale. I personally think it may be too harsh for those who simply want a soft massage or those with sensitive feet. However, it’s definitely going to be perfect for those who are used to a complete massage. It’s durable, so there shouldn’t be any issues in terms of applying pressure on it. The airbags and rollers also seem coordinated, so the overall effect of the massage is really pleasant. It is too heavy at almost 29 pounds, so you got to figure out where to permanently use it.

Ease of Use (4.0/5.0)

The Massage King Mk9199 Plus 2012 Model comes along with a user manual which is straightforward to follow. However, simply following the normal way of operating it may not be comfortable on the feet or calf. It takes a few tries to find out how settings can be tweaked, so it efficiently massages deeply without hurting.

Efficiency (4.0/5.0)

The mechanical massager can effectively yield the results of a human massager, because it effectively kneads deeply onto muscles and joints. However, it may take several massage sessions to get yourself used to the pain brought by the squeezing and kneading functions of the airbags and rollers. I feel it’s a bit too strong even at the lowest level for the average user. Good thing is once you’re already able to adjust, it should already be satisfying. Results basically depend on each user’s level of pain tolerance.

Price (4.0/5.0)

The mechanical massager is priced at $399.95 which is a bit expensive. It is an acceptable price for those who prefer a hard massage, but may not be the case for those with sensitive feet or legs.


  •  Multifunctional, works on various parts of the leg like the calf, thigh, soles, etc.
  • Can be adjusted to work on different angles
  • Massages deeply onto muscles and joints
  • Very compact


  •  Massage settings seem to strong even at the lowest level
  • Massage may not be relieving for some, instead it’s painful
  • Expensive
  • Very heavy



I advise those who are interested of purchasing this massager to give it a try first at the shop. It’s best to gauge its intensity in terms of massaging the legs, etc., to ensure an enjoyable massaging experience. If it’s too painful even at the lowest setting, this may not be the massager for you.