After a long day on your feet, one of the best ways to find relief is via a good foot massage. If you work in a job that requires you to stand up all day, then you know the pain of having to deal with achy muscles and joints in your lower body. Dealing with foot pain can be tricky, but if you get a good foot massage, then you can find ways to manage the pain so that it does not interfere with your daily activities. Since the ancient times people in different cultures gave importance to foot massage because they tend to benefit the body in return.

One of the main parts of the foot that attention is focused on during a foot massage is the arc of the foot. Regardless of who you to go to for a foot massage, the arch of your foot will always be the focus of your masseuse’s attention. This is not by accident. The fact of the matter is that the arch in your feet is where you will find a majority of the stress and weight retention. It is in the arch where the actual weight of the body accumulates. Additionally, the arc of your foot helps in maintaining the balance of the body so that the same can stand in its place. The pressure that the arch takes on is the reason that it is more prone to various kinds of pains. The good news is, there are things you can do to deal with the nuance of an achy foot. That remedy is a foot massage. A foot massage helps in providing a good blood circulation all through the body that keeps the body healthy.

For a busy person it is not a common scene to go to a spa every week and get those feet relaxed with a good foot massage. So, for them the best way to get those feet relaxed with a good massage is, if the same is done back home. The paragraphs below will help the person to do the massage home with these simple steps.

1.) Keep the whole body in a relaxed state:

Before starting the whole regime it is important that the body is relaxed, you can opt to sit in a couch or a yoga mat and put on some relaxing music to create the perfect environment of the foot massage. The same doesn’t take much time but provides a great way to put the whole body in a relaxed state and including the mind too.

2.) Soak the feet in some warm water:

Before starting with the whole massage it is best to soak the feet in some warm water so that the feet gets away with the rigidness that it goes through all day. Warm water makes the feet soft and easy to massage.

3.) Start with the massage:

After you are done with the soaking, bring out the feet from the water and damp the same with a towel or a cloth. After the water has dried out, start with the arch. But make sure that you do the same in a comfortable state. Being comfortable is the best way to make the feet and the body relaxed at the same time. Better if you rest the feet in the table and bring one on your thigh for a better comfort. If you want to do the thing while standing, then bring the leg in a table, while standing and make an angle of 90 degrees.

4.) Massage the fleshy portion:

It will be best on your part if you tend to avoid massaging in the bone portion. You can start with the portion near the heel and the big toe. Stretch the big toe from the bones and then make sure you are massaging the curve and not the bones.

5.) Put some soft pressure on heel bone:

Now with the help of the thumbs make sure that light pressure is applied in the portion near the heel bone. By applying pressure in the heel the same should be pushed near the big toe bringing them closer to each other slowly and steadily. Now, continue to do the same thing again and again. This is soft portion, so do only that which you are able to take.

6.) Continue with the massage:

Now, the next step to the massage is by pressing the lower arch of the heel bone gently and by steadily and slowly laying the thumbs on the same and providing a full arch. Press the thumbs to the higher portion of the arch and bringing it close to the big toe of the feet and then repeating the whole action. This action should be continued until the big toe reaches the heel.

After the whole arch foot massage is complete, it is important to end the whole action. There is a certain way to end the same. Just massage the portion of the foot by rubbing it in big circular motion with the help of the thumbs around the arch of the feet.

If you are not well equipped to the same then it is advised to get the help of a professional you will help you achieve the same.