Moji has provided fitness gear since 2007, including a line of foot massagers. They are experts in foot massagers created to provided relief of tired and aching feet. The Moji Foot Pro Massager is the latest addition to their line of foot massagers. The innovative design includes six stainless steel balls mounted in a strong slip-resistant base. The balls and the way they’re placed have been engineered to provide maximum pain relief.

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Easy And Comfortable To Use

To use, you place one foot at a time on the balls at a pressure that’s comfortable for you. Because the base stays in place, you can control the position of your feet to massage them where you need it the most. You can massage your whole foot from toes to heel, or you can push on the balls with just the sore part of your foot. It’s all hands-free.

Relieves Plantar Fasciitis

moji-foot-pro-massager-reviewAs you move your foot over the balls, the balls rotate to provide the desired massage. You can move your foot gently in a circular motion for soothing stroking that’s relaxing. The more pressure you use, the deeper the massage. Light pressure can invigorate your feet. Press as hard as you want for deep tissue massage. Users have reported that the Moji is great for relieving plantar fasciitis, and others are finding it helpful in breaking up scar tissue.

Unique Design

The Moji Foot Pro Massager is different from other foot massagers in that the unit is small enough to place in a refrigerator or freezer. That chills the metal balls so that you can give your feet a cold or icy massage. For the best massage, users are advised to wear socks, rather than use the massager with bare feet. That’s especially important if the unit has been chilled. You’ll need to experiment to find socks that work the best for you. Socks that are too thin aren’t helpful, and socks that are too thick mask the benefits.

Moji Foot Pro Massager


moji-foot-pro-massager-sizeThe Moji isn’t just for foot pain, however. Many are finding it useful as part of their warm-up routine. And when it’s a hot day, placing your feet on a cold surface can be refreshing. Regardless of how you use it, there’s no melting ice or watery mess to clean up. You do need to wipe any condensation off the steel balls before storing as one user has reported that rust can form when the unit is stored while wet or in a damp place.

Use Your Moji Anywhere

The massager is meant to be used in a sitting position. You can place it discretely under your desk at work and use it with no interruption in your activities. Many users like to massage their feet while watching TV or other relaxing activities at home. Recommendations are to use it gently the first one or two times until your feet become used to it, as some users have reported increased foot pain initially. Work up to a full 20 minutes at a comfortable level of pressure to get the most benefit.

Wiping the unit with alcohol and letting it air dry is usually all the cleaning the Moji needs.

The stainless steel balls independently rotate a full 360 degrees. They are not designed to be removed and should remain permanently in the base. However, you will need to exercise care if small children are around. The balls are only one-inch in diameter and could present a choking hazard if they were accidentally dislodged.

Take It With You

The unit weighs slightly more than a pound and measures 10″ x 5″ x 4″. It comes with a one year warranty. If you plan to travel with your foot massager, you may want to purchase the earlier model Moji Foot Massager instead. It’s smaller and is made with plastic balls. That’s because the metal balls in the Pro can cause security issues at airports.