Blood pressure is a common problem these days and numbers of people suffer from this particular health condition. Normally, blood pressure is controlled with the help of costly medicines available in the market. But always opting for medicines isn’t a very good option. There are other ways to deal with the problem of blood pressure. Different types of massage and treatments are available that helps in bringing down the problem of blood pressure. Reflexology is one such treatment that is very helpful in controlling the problem of blood pressure.

High pressure or hypertension can be easily controlled with the help of reflexology and can be done at home in the same time. This do-at-home treatment has been very effective among various customers and likewise is very easy. Doing this particular reflexology treatment is very easy and simple. The effects left by the reflexology treatment lasts for a longer time and are very much beneficial for the overall development of the body.

Before you start with the whole reflexology treatment for blood pressure, it is best to start with massaging the endocrine gland that helps in improving the metabolism of the body. The massage in the endocrine gland additionally helps in providing great relief to the different organs of the body and also those organs that get affected by any disease.


The endocrine system that can be massaged with the reflexology treatment for hypertension or high blood pressure:

  • Thyroid & parathyroid gland
  • Pineal gland
  • Adrenal gland
  • Testes and ovaries of male and female respectively.
  • Pancreas gland
  • Thymus gland
  • Pituitary gland

The adrenal gland also plays a very important role in the producing stress and is the reason behind the fighting and frightening. It is very important to massage the adrenal gland so that the person suffering from hypertension can relax with the help of the same. This adrenal gland is responsible for sudden deteriorating conditions in the people with hypertension. The massage also helps in concentrating better. All the above glands, in the total, help in controlling the human body and its various systems.

Reflexology in those organs that is important for the people suffering from blood pressure:

  • Heart
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Lungs

The above parts of the human body are very much responsible for the hypertension. It is important to massage the reflex areas of this particular organ because this in turn creates different kinds of sensation in the area. If the person feels any kind of numbness in the area then it means there is a certain problem. So, for such people with such problems it is important to massage that area. If for any chance if you find that these massage helps then it is best to continue to the same and if doesn’t work then it is better to not to continue the same.

How to avoid the hypertension problems with reflexology:

  • Heart
  • Eye
  • Kidney
  • Brain (stroke)

There are various reasons due to which the hypertension can be avoided with the help of reflexology. If you are suffering from the problem of hypertension then it is best to go with reflexology. But it is important to keep in mind that the organs of the body aren’t affected by the reflexology.

How safe is the procedure of the reflexology for high blood pressure?

It is important to keep in mind that reflexology should be avoided in the hypertension in the conditions that come with fracture, gout in the foot or wounds that are still untreated. For those people who have a problem with osteoarthritis and have been suffering from the same for a long time should consult the doctor before going for the treatment. If a woman is pregnant then they should avoid reflexology treatment because according to reports it might affect the uterus due to heavy excitement in the feet.

These were some of understanding that we could bring for you when it comes reflexology treatment for the people who are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. If you too suffer from the problem of hypertension then it is best to go for reflexology. Just follow cautions that are mentioned above to be safe in a condition like high blood pressure or hypertension.