Reflexology ChartReflexology is that kind of therapy that includes putting pressure on some of the important points of the feet, ears and even hands. According to reflexologist these pressure points are linked with the important organs of the body and are benefited with the reflexology treatment or therapy. If the person is provided pressure in the specific point of the feet or hands then they will notice long time improvement in their body. It helps in various ways and is essential for calming the body.

But it should be noted that reflexology is used as an accompaniment to other treatment and doesn’t provide any cure or prevention. People who suffer from the problem of kidney disease, heart, liver, cancer asthma and many more are beneficial from this particular therapy of reflexology. With time reflexology has become very much famous among individuals and people from various walks of life are now choosing to go for reflexology. Since the early 90’s reflexology has made a huge market all over Asia and Europe.

If you are a person who stays in Australia then you might be familiar with the therapy of reflexology as it has started to be a source of relief for various patients. Various readers have come up with the common question of where to find a reflexology clinic or spa in the Gold Coast. So, in this article we are going to deal with the various places in gold coast that provides reflexology treatment for its customers. The paragraphs below contain some of the best known reflexology centers in whole of gold coast with their peculiarities, pros, cons and other necessary information. To know more about the same, you need to scroll down to the paragraphs below.

Happy Feet Reflexology for healthy bodies:

This particular center or clinic for reflexology is known all the people staying in and around the area of gold coast. Happy Feet proudly provides its customers with some of the best known reflexology therapy. It provides three different reflexology therapies like, Chinese reflexology, Cranio-sacral reflexology and Ingham reflexology. It also provides hand reflexology to its customers.

  • Session for the Reflexology: Each reflexology treatment has certain time limit or session that a person needs to go through once they choose for the same. The Chinese Reflexology lasts for about 40 minutes. The Ingham reflexology lasts for the period of 60 minutes and 30 minutes, depending on the need. The Cranio-sacral reflexology lasts for the span of 75 to 90 minutes. One thing that is important to be kept in mind is that the reflexology treatment basically depends on the condition of the individual and the time for the session may changes according to their need.
  • Cost: Each of the reflexology treatment differs from one another and thus the cost of the same is also different depending on the session. The Chinese Reflexology costs about $40 for one session and the Ingham reflexology $70 and $40 for the 60 and 30 minutes of the session respectively. Whereas, the Cranio-sacral reflexology costs around $80 for a single session.

You can pay in both cheque and cash. Health fund rebates are available followed by the special offers the clinic provides.

  • Contact address: To find the reflexology clinic in Gold Coast you can go to the address mentioned below.

9 Domain Rd, Currumbin
Gold Coast, Qld 4223.

The contact address of the same is mentioned in the website of the organization.

White Stone massage:

This particular massage therapy clinic specializes in different massage and reflexology. The clinic contains some of the best and experienced reflexologist in whole of gold coast. The environment in which the massage is provided is so good that the customer is sure to feel relaxed and pampered once they walk away with the benefits provided by the clinic. The team of experienced staff of the clinic makes it their motto to provide the customer with all the ancient healing practices and reflexology available.

  • Treatments available: The Massage clinic has some of the best treatments available. Remedial Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Outcome Based Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue / Sports, Myofascial Release, Chinese Cupping and Swedish Relaxation. It additionally provides Volcanic Hot Stones, Pregnancy Massage, Foot Reflexology, Kahuna Massage, Post Natal Massage and Kinesiology.
  • The cost of the treatments: The cost of the treatment largely depends on the session that is chosen. They charge $60.00 for 30 minutes of session, $90.00 for 60 minutes of session, $125.00 for the 90 minutes of session and $155.00 for the 2 hours of session. Whatever session you choose for they will charge you according to session and the needs of your body. Gift vouchers and health rebates are also available with the clinic. The payment mode of the treatments supports Master card, Eftpos and visa.
  • Refunds and cancellations: Any kinds of refunds and cancellations of the sessions are based on certain procedure put forward by the clinic. Refunds or cancellation must be intimidated to the clinic 4 hours prior to the session allocated for the treatment. Missed or late appointment without intimidation will result to non-refund or shortened session respectively.
  • Timings and contact details: The clinic is open from Monday to Sunday from 8AM to 8PM. To contact the clinic the details are mentioned in the website of the same with the contact address.

David Webby Podiatry:

This particular clinic is another popular and renowned clinic in Gold Coast that provides the best known Reflexology treatment. Other than reflexology it also provides other form of podiatry treatments. It is surrounded by a serene environment and can be easily accessible by any transport. For pricings and any other needed support the customer can contact the private clinic in the contact details mentioned in the website of the same.

  • Contact details:

David Webby Podiatry
17 Railway Street
Qld Australia 4215

These were some of the best- known reflexology clinic in the Gold Cost but there are many more of such that can be found all over Gold Coast. You can contact the above or any other clinic and get the best reflexology treatment that suits you best.