reflexologychartReflexology in the feet is an old process that provides great relief to the whole body. Reflexology treatments are very easy and at the same time are very effective. The whole system works by rubbing the feet in different ways. According to experts reflexology helps in balancing the nutritional properties of the body. It is stacked with various kinds of benefits that are otherwise not possible if you just survive on one single medicine.

In some countries reflexology is a kind of acupressure therapy that helps in exciting the various meridians of the body that is done by producing pressure in certain areas. But in general reflexology isn’t associated with acupressure.

How the reflexology insoles do works?

Reflexology insoles are connected to the channels in the body that are connected to the energy source. The whole energy source runs down from the top of the body to the down portion. The energy channels are known as reflex channels that help in connecting the other organs of the body. The reflex channels works with the help of the tissue, gland and organs of both the human and animal body. To connect to the reflex channels the feet or the hands are used which helps in doing the same. According to various reflexologist around the world the body has channels that are ultra-microscopic. The feet are that part of the body which has around 72,000 nerves connected with same.

If the person rubs the crucial portions of the feet then the hard sand like crystals tend to come out and open the pores. This in turn helps in the flow of the energy from feet to some portion of the organ. The science of reflexology has one common technique with which is works like the balancing of nutrients. Apparently a person will find the same very complex but in reality this is a simple technique.

Reflexology is although science and reason which not many people know about the same. You won’t find people discussing about the same or talking about it altogether. It isn’t very popular among people and is yet to come in to the lime light. This is the main reason that people tend to depend on products that have reflexology in them than going to a reflexologist.

To know more about the products that has the power of reflexology, we bring the best known reflexology insoles that are easily available in the market.

What are reflexology insoles?

Reflexology insoles are that kind of soles found in the market that can be attached to the existing shoes for a protection while walking. It helps in providing pressures in the different points of the feet. The pressure produced in the feet helps in connecting to the reflex channels of the body which is connected to the feet. Using the insoles is a very task all you have to do is place the same in the shoe or the boot you wear regularly and you are good to go. It generally helps in providing great relief to the people with tired and aching feet.

The below mentioned paragraphs contain some of the best reflexology insoles available in the market for both Men and Women. For the people who want to gather a better idea about the reflexology insoles for them the list below will be very helpful.

Reflexology Insoles for Men – gently massage the reflexology points on your feet

Reflexology Insoles for Men - gently massage the reflexology points on your feet4These particular insoles are a great option for the men with the aching feet. It can be easily placed in the shoe without much effort and feels comfortable while walking with the same. It will take time for the individual to warm up with the texture of the insoles and for that the person might feel a bit uncomfortable. The size of the insoles can be cut in any size that the individual wants.


  • Wearing the reflexology insoles is very comfortable.
  • It can be easily fitted in the insoles.
  • Great for aching feet.


  • It is not great for the sensitive feet.
  • Some customers had some problem with the size of the insoles.

Nakamichi Massaging Reflexology Insoles For Women – Fits Shoe Size 7-9

Nakamichi Massaging Reflexology Insoles For Women - Fits Shoe Size 7-9-5These particular set of two insoles are one of the best that are available in the market. The insoles are known for the kind of pressure the same puts in the feet of the individual. The pressure provided by the insoles directly pints the key areas of the feet that are connected to some important parts of the body. It provides great comfort to both the left and the right feet of the individual. The pvc of the feet insoles are very comfortable and the same time easily fits from the 7 to 9 sizes of the women feet. The individual is also in the liberty of cutting the feet with scissors for a better kind of fit depending on the need. The insoles easily fit inside the feet without any problem and nodules of the same are always positioned in the upwards direction. The set of feet insoles come with a massage chart for a better help. These insoles are especially made for the delicate women feet.


  • It is very light.
  • It doesn’t hurt.
  • Using the insoles is very easy.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It fits very well.
  • The price is reasonable.


  • The feet insoles were uncomfortable for some because it did hurt for couple of days. But that is a common scene with feet insoles.

Nakamichi Massaging Reflexology Insoles For Men – Fits Shoe Size 9-11

Nakamichi Massaging Reflexology Insoles For Men - Fits Shoe Size 9-11-6These insoles are importantly made for men. It is again a set of two reflexology insoles that is very comfortable and easy to position in the shoes. The pressure produced by the insoles directly connects to the important pints of the feet which in turn connects] to the vital parts of the body. The insoles are both washable and be used again and again. It can cut to any desired size but it does come from size 7 to 12 for men. This insole set too comes with a massage chart that will be a great help for the individual.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • Placing the feet insoles in the shoes and boots are very easy.
  • It helps with the foot ache.

These were some of the popular reflexology feet insoles available in the market for both men and women. They are widely accepted by the customers worldwide for the benefits they provide. These insoles are best for those people who don’t have time to go to a reflexologist for such a treatment. If you too are in to such a job that requires you to walk long distances then nothing can be better than the above insoles in the list.

5 Point Reflexology Insoles – Women’s

The reflexology feet insoles are one of the best insoles available in the market. These reflexology insoles helps in massaging the pressure points of the feet which in turns develops the increase in blood circulation from head to toe and even the static regions. The insoles further help in elevating the condition of breathing and helps in relaxing the muscles from any tension in the shoulder areas and even in the part of the abdomens. The insoles are made from the soft calf leather and that in turn provides and overall comfort by exciting the body for a better heath. It comes in a pack of one and is available in the sizes of 3 to 8.


  • It improves the walking.
  • It provides great relief to arthritic feet.

5 Point Reflexology Insoles – Men’s

These reflexology insoles also provide a great relief to the various parts of the body by providing necessary amount of pressure in the feet while walking. Made from the calf leather, it is very soft and helps in developing the health condition of an individual. From improvement in breathing condition to the relaxing the tension in the abdomen and the shoulder these insoles work wonder. It comes in a pack of one and sizes that are available for men are from 7 to 12. It provides a thorough well-being of the whole body.


  • It improves the breathing.
  • Provides overall well-being to the body.

Reflexology Insoles for Women – gently massage the reflexology points on your feet

Reflexology Insoles for Women - gently massage the reflexology points on your feet3These particular reflexology insoles are specifically made for those women who are a regular sufferer from aching feet. But it can also be worn by people with normal feet to get an overall well-being of the body. If you are engaged in any kind of work that includes a lot of walking then these insoles are the best ones for you. These are both comfortable but you might feel it a bit hard at the first couple of days but that is worth the relief the insoles provide. It comes from size 3 onwards and putting same in the boots or shoes are the easiest task of the lot. The manufacturer recommends that the insoles shouldn’t be worn for more than 2 to 3 hours.


  • The price of the insoles is reasonable.
  • It is very comfortable to wear.
  • It is very comfortable to walk with.
  • It is a great help for the feet with pain.


  • The insoles don’t come above size five.
  • If you have sensitive feet then these insoles might not be a great bargain.
  • It gives out gel which might be problem for some.