Foot pain can be debilitating. It can make it almost impossible to stand on your feet in the morning, and interfere with your daily life. A simple walk through the park can be almost impossible with severe foot pain, and it can even affect your performance at work. Whether the daily aches and pains are due to poor circulation, plantar fasciitis, or from simply standing on hard surfaces all day, a regular foot massage can work miracles for your aching feet.

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While it is not always practical to visit a masseuse on a regular basis, there is a way you can treat your foot pain in the comfort of your own home. A personal foot massager can help to relieve foot tension, along with strained tendons and aching muscles. It is less expensive than other options, and can be used almost anywhere. If your quality of life has been affected by excruciating foot pain keep reading for our review of the best personal foot massager.

Reviewing Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Personal Health Studio

Designed with advice from the medical community, this personal foot massager is ideal for anyone suffering from severe pain in their ankles and feet. The personal health machine is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, and to ensure that your entire foot is massaged. It is able to not only knead the muscles and tendons in your feet, but it is able to improve the nerve system throughout your calves and lower back.

It features four modes in the automatic massage settings that let you choose different combinations of kneading or rolling motions. Since foot pain can occur at any point of your foot, there are three custom settings you can choose from. Target the arches of your feet, the forefront, or the entire sole, and you can also set the adjustable foot massager for the kneading rollers to move in two separate directions.

If you have poor circulation in your feet from diabetes or other health problems, this medical foot massager has pressure nodes that improve circulation to the soles of your feet, ankles, and legs. It is easy to control with either the included remote or simple touch pad, and the fabric covering is machine washable.

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Pros and Cons :

Since this personal foot massager was designed with help from the medical community it has the advantage of being able to reach all of the pivotal pressure points on your feet. It is ideal for diabetics to help improve foot circulation, and can help treat the aches and pains associated with high arches and plantar fasciitis.

It is easy to use, and the included remote gives you the additional bonus of not having to move your feet during the massage. All of the different speed and directional settings also insure that your entire foot is treated. Durable to support weight up to 280 pounds, it is also large enough to accommodate must foot sizes.

One of the main disadvantages of this medical foot massager includes the fact that it is slightly more expensive than other models. It should be mentioned that it is still priced less than regular visits to the spa or masseuse. Another drawback to this great kneading foot massager is that the actual foot massage may be too intense for people with extremely sensitive feet. Unfortunately this is one function that cannot be adjusted on the massager.

About Kendall :

The manufacturer’s of this kneading and roller personal foot massager is the Kendall company who has been leading the industry in technical innovations for several years. Concentrating on products that improve our health and lifestyles, the company also works closely with the medical community. Featuring medically designed foot massagers, skin care products, and even leg massagers, all of their products also include Kendall’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Conclusion :

If you are suffering from foot pain due to diabetes of other medical conditions, this personal massager can help you get back on your feet again. The kneading and massaging rollers target all of the pressure points on your feet to improve circulation and relax strained muscles and tendons. It is easy to operate with the remote control, and can help you live an active life once again.