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The Infrared Blood Circulation Massager by Sunpentown is a mechanical massager that includes helpful features like a high-frequency vibration and powerful magnetism. It also features an infrared treatment that helps strengthen the body’s resistance to illness. Most importantly, this device aims to enhance blood circulation and avoids any blockage on blood vessels.

Key Features

  •  Remotely controlled
  • Includes a 15-minute timer
  • 8 infrared treatment options
  • 12 vibration intensity options
  • A choice of Automatic and Manual modes

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Detailed Review of the Sunpentown Infrared Blood Circulation Massager

Design and Durability (3.0/5.0)

The Infrared Blood Circulation Massager’s vibration is a bit noisy and distractive. It is pretty heavy at 12 pounds, but the vibrations still cause the massager to move even after placing a carpet on the floor. The weight also makes it difficult for the device to be applied on other parts like the back. Its knobs are also made of plastic which is kind of hurtful in the long run. Some buttons on the unit itself are also very small, thus it’s difficult to press them using the toe. One good thing about the design is its surface which is strategically intended to massage acupuncture points on the foot. The timed programming is also a fairly good feature, although it takes one to familiarize what it really does in some intervals.

Ease of Use (3.0/5.0)

The device is quite tedious to operate, most especially for an average user who’s tried using other mechanical massagers before. Part of this may be caused by some flaws in the design. These include the buttons on the unit or even on the remote that are really small. This makes it hard for the user to easily operate the massager. I’ve also noticed that the remote control is just mainly useful in terms of turning on or off the equipment.

Efficiency (5.0/5.0)

This mechanical massager does a fair job of massaging the legs and feet. Just after about 15 minutes of using it, you’ll observe reduced pain on the affected area of the foot or legs. It also seems effective in relaxing the feet so it does not feel numb anymore. It may be a bit noisy with the vibration and all. However, the vibrating effect that comes along with the massage is very relieving.

Price (5.0/5.0)

I should say that the Infrared Blood Circulation Massager is reasonably priced at $85.99. Despite some flaws on its design, the massager does a good job of relieving aching foot and legs.


  • Includes a couple of massage and treatment options
  • Effective in terms of relieving foot and leg pains


  • Design on the unit and the remote needs improvement
  • A bit heavy
  • Vibration tends to make some noise



This Infrared Blood Circulation Massager is highly recommended just for the leg and foot. Since it is a bit heavy, this may be hard to use in massaging the back and neck. It seems effective though in soothing foot and leg pains.