Superfeet insoles seem to be the clear front-runner when it comes to sports and medical shoe insoles.

One in four adults suffers from foot pain of some type. Those with joint problems, it’s even more common. Insoles with arch support help by providing extra padding and making up for structural defects in your feet.

The correct insoles can also improve your walking gait and relieve pressure from your knees and hips caused by walking incorrectly. For those with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, shoe insoles and inserts can provide relief from lower body pain.

Initially launched 40 years ago as a biomechanics laboratory, the founders identified a need for custom insoles at an affordable price. The company then partnered with their sister company, which made custom corrective orthotics and launched Superfeet and its line of high-quality insoles in 1977.

Superfeet Insoles: Pros & Cons


  • Provides shock absorption
  • Support and stability on the arch and heels
  • Reduces stress on feet, ankle and knees
  • checkProvides relief against lower body issues


  • Maybe a little expensive than the other brands

Why Buy Superfeet Insoles?

Custom-made orthotic inserts can relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, high arches, and bunions, by redistributing your weight and reducing the pressure on sensitive areas of the feet.

If custom orthotics are out of your price range, or if you feel your aching feet aren’t bad enough for custom insoles, over-the-counter inserts can still provide relief and may be sufficient.

Superfeet insoles include three types of inserts to fit your budget and your needs. This includes their 3D molded custom insoles, their range of full-length inserts, and their three-quarter inserts.

Custom Superfeet Insoles from FitStations

Superfeet provides FitStations across the country. These computer-driven stations create a 3D model of your feet to ensure you’re wearing the correct shoes. Then, it analyzes your gait to produce a custom Kinetic Profile based on how you move.

It then uses this data to find the right insole and shoe combination. Should you choose, Superfeet can then manufacture custom insoles using 3D printing based on the results.

At the FitStation, you’ll walk over a special mat that analyzes the pressure of various parts of your feet to the ground, your gait, how you rotate your heel, and which parts of the foot you use most to move forward. They use this information to produce a customized set of Superfeet ME3D insoles.

Unlike ordinary, off-the-rack insoles, these are made to take the variations in data from each foot into account. They’ll be a custom fit and designed around the way you walk, in the exact shape of your feet.

At this time, 27 Superfeet locations, from Seattle, Washington, to Lakeland, Florida, offer this 3D fit technology. Superfeet will custom configure and print your ME3D insoles, and will then ship them within a week.

Even the NFL is using the FitStations as seen in the video below:

Non-Custom Superfeet Insoles

Although the custom-fit insoles are considered the flagship of the company brand, they also make other insoles for more typical issues that don’t require a custom fit.

Even though they don’t fit your personal specifications, they’re still an excellent product aimed at a myriad of common foot problems, like painful arches, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, or mild metatarsalgia.

If you’re suffering from foot issues, or have pain in your ankles, knees, or hips, consider the benefits of Superfeet insoles. We’ll touch briefly on several Superfeet products to help you identify the ones most likely to provide relief.

Full-length insoles

Superfeet insoles are designed in a wide range of configurations for different needs. You’ll find a model specifically designed for any shape of foot and any shape of footwear.

They all feature a high, stabilizing heel cup, high-density foam, and a microbial coating. Superfeet categorizes their insoles according to men’s shoe sizes and women’s shoe sizes.

Superfeet GREEN

superfeet insole: Superfeet GREEN

One of the most popular models for athletic use, Superfeet designed their GREEN insoles to give maximum shock absorption. Engineered for both women and men with a medium-high foot arch, this model is recommended for activities ranging from walking, hiking, and running, to sports. 

Superfeet BLUE

superfeet insole: Superfeet BLUE

Superfeet designed the BLUE line for men, women, and children who have a low to medium foot arch. Also great for walking, hiking and, running, they’re suitable for everyday use and general physical activities.

Manufactured to provide optimal comfort, this thinner insole provides support in a wide range of shoe types for flexibility. 

Superfeet BLACK

superfeet insole: Superfeet BLACK

Superfeet designed their BLACK insoles for both men and women with flat or sensitive feet of all type arches. Specifically designed for tighter athletic footwear, such as skates and sports shoes, they’re also ideal for office work or any environment where you’re likely to be on your feet for extended periods of time.

Those who need to avoid latex and want vegan-friendly products will love these thin, comfortable insoles

Superfeet CARBON

superfeet insole: Superfeet CARBON

Superfeet designed the CARBON line as an “ultra-light” and “ultra-strong” insole. Manufactured for sports shoes and extended standing or walking, they feature a carbon fiber stabilizer cap, which provides stability to the foam layer.

Reinforced with EVOLyte (a blend of carbon fiber and polymer), the carbon insole has a beveled edge for an improved fit when wearing tighter footwear. They also feature foam perforations to improve breathability and reduce weight. 

The wider forefoot fits wider footwear, while the low-profile design makes it the thinnest insole offered by Superfeet. Constructed of closed-cell, durable foam for long-lasting comfort, the CARBON insole also includes an odor-controlling coating. 

Superfeet ORANGE

superfeet insole: Superfeet ORANGE

Featuring deep cushioning under the ball of the foot, the Superfeet ORANGE insole provides support for those with medium to high foot arches. This design makes it an excellent choice for those suffering from metatarsalgia. The extra deep heel cup supports your feet for the long haul or during high-impact activities. Superfeet recommends this model for people who put their feet to the test on a regular basis.

Superfeet BERRY

superfeet insole: Superfeet BERRY

Superfeet designed the BERRY insoles for women with high to medium arches. They offer extra cushioning for high-impact sports, like running and jumping. The heavy-duty foam forefoot of the insole provides shock absorption for sports and rough surfaces. They also provide plenty of foot support for those who need to stand and walk for long periods of time. 

Superfeet wideGREEN

superfeet insole: Superfeet wideGREEN

Designed for those with wider feet, the Superfeet wideGREEN insoles accommodate feet up to a size 17 and a width of up to 6E. Made for medium to high arches, they are geared for normal physical activity as well as extended standing or walking. With maximum foam thickness for maximum comfort, these Superfeet insoles offer orthotic-quality at an affordable price.

Superfeet merinoGREY

superfeet insole: Superfeet merinoGREY

For comfort in all climates for medium to high arched feet, the merinoGREY Superfeet insoles add a wool lining to the GREEN insole. The felted wool keeps feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as wicking moisture away from your feet for added comfort.

Run, hike, or camp all year round while providing support for your feet with its thick padding. Designed for casual footwear and boots. 

Superfeet YELLOW

superfeet insole: Superfeet YELLOW

Specifically designed for shoes and boots with 1-inch or higher heel, the YELLOW Superfeet insoles are suitable for all arch types. They feature an elevated heel and midsole for extra support and stability.

Ideal for specialized shoes such as ice skates, cycling shoes, track shoes, and western-type boots, this model prevents your feet from shifting inside your shoes or boots. 

Superfeet REDhot

superfeet insole: Superfeet REDhot

Designed for men with medium to high arches, the Superfeet REDhot insoles keep feet warm during cold weather activities. Perfect for outdoor work, as well as an excellent choice for skiing, ice-skating, and other winter sports.

Superfeet RED Hot insoles provide warmth via a Top cover treated with Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® coating, which absorbs, stores, and releases warmth back to your feet in icy conditions. It also features an insulating and reflective foil forefoot for extra warmth and boasts all-natural odor control to help eliminate odor-causing bacteria. 

Superfeet hotPINK

superfeet insole

Manufactured in women’s sizes, the Superfeet hotPINK insoles offer superior cold weather protection. Designed for women with medium and high arches, they’re a good choice for winter weather activities such as skating and skiing.

Like the Superfeet REDhot insoles, they also provide warmth via the Outlast® coating and the insulting and heat-reflective forefoot. Designed to fit women’s sizes of ski or snowboard boots, they’re also latex-free and vegan-friendly. 

Superfeet BLACK DMP

superfeet insole: Superfeet BLACK DMP

Designed for those with sensitive feet, the Superfeet BLACK DMP orthotic insoles support any arch type. This everyday design is not only useful in athletic footwear but also with casual or dress shoes for low-impact activities.

This model also features the “Memorycloud” memory foam that conforms to your foot over time for custom support. The low friction cover offers added comfort, and these low-profile insoles for foot pain will fit a wide range of shoe types. 

Superfeet EASYFIT Three-quarter Insoles

All EASYFIT insoles offer a patented orthotic design that helps support and stabilize your foot to reduce stress on the feet, the ankles, and the knees. The slim fit works well in casual shoes, dress shoes, and business shoes with a heel of 1 inch or less. The antibacterial coating helps fight foot odor too, and the EASYFIT features slip-resistant ridges that help keep the insole in place.


superfeet insole: EASYFIT for Men

Superfeet designed the EASYFIT for Men three-quarter length orthotic insoles to supports to all types of arches and heels. Specifically created to provide both fit and comfort in business and dress shoes, you won’t need to trim these drop-in insoles.

EASYFIT for Women

superfeet insole: EASYFIT for Women

The EASYFIT for Women insoles provides orthotic arch support in a three quarter length insole. Designed to suit all types of arches, it fits casual shoes, flats, and boots with a 1 inch or lower heel.

EASYFIT High Heels

superfeet insole: EASYFIT High Heels

Designed for wear with high-heels, the EASYFIT High Heels three-quarter length insole is suitable for every arch type. Superfeet specifically manufacturers this insole to provide fit and comfort when used in boots and high-heels with a heel greater than 1.5 inches.

The design helps prevent pain and fatigue from wearing high heels. It also reduces blisters and keeps toes from getting cramped by supporting the heel and keeping feet firmly in place. 

Don’t Live with Foot Pain

As you can see, there are Superfeet insoles to add comfort to all varieties of casual, athletic, work, and dress shoes. The line of EASYFIT Superfeet insoles provides affordable relief for pain caused by business or dress shoes.

For special needs, like extra padding for sensitive feet, or tough, insulating support for winter sports, try the full-length line of Superfeet insoles. Several models offer the same support as expensive orthotic inserts. For an even better fit, try the DMP line with memory foam that molds itself to your feet for the next best thing to custom.

And if you can’t find the perfect fit, visit one of the 27 FitStations located throughout the United States. Along with helping you find the right sports shoe for your unique needs, they’ll create a custom insole designed just for you through 3D imaging and printing. 

Whatever your requirements in insoles, Superfeet will have something tailored to your exact needs. So, there’s no need for your feet to suffer just because you work and play hard.



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