Pain in the foot is that problem that most of the people go through. Other than costly medicines and massages the best thing that a person can do is wear those slippers that provide a support to the heels and feet. You can wear it all through the day without experiencing a bit of pain in the feet. Rather the foot tends to stay comfortable and padded all day long. It provides the best support that the feet needs.

The slippers are designed in such a way that it provides an arch support for the feet that suffer from regular pain. There might be various reasons because of which a person suffers from any kind of pain. If any kind of stress is created on the fascia ligament then it tends to produce pain. So, to get away with the same it is important to get those kinds of slippers that help in get relief. There are different types of such slippers available in the market. Choosing from such large variety can be a difficult task. So, to get away with the confusion, the below mention paragraphs contains some of the best pain relief slippers for both men and women and yes they are the most effective and recommended by various customers.

Slippers for foot pain men:

Men’s feet tend to be a bit rough and that too of big size. So, finding the right kind of slipper for them can be daunting task, especially when the slipper has to be equipped to provide relief from pain. The below mentioned are some of the best men’s slippers for foot pain.

Orthofeet Asheville Mens Slippers

Orthofeet Asheville Mens Slippers1This particular slipper for foot pain is made of leather and provides an orthotic support to the feet. The sole of the slipper is contoured orthotic and has an arch support which is anatomical. The heel of the slippers is padded and helps in providing relief to higher kinds of pain in the feet. The heel additionally provides extra comfort to the feet. The sole of the slipper is light in weight and has a sole that has cushioning in the same. The sole also has a Ergonomic-Stride(TM) design that helps in softening the step that a individual takes. It additionally helps in propelling the foot forward. The comfort provided by the slippers is good and that makes it a great slipper. The fit is not only adjustable but also leaves a soothing effect on the same while walking with it.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • It is great for the sensitive feet.
  • The fit of the slippers can be adjusted accordingly.
  • It provides great support
  • The quality of the slippers is good.


  • For some customers the sizes of the slippers were big and large.

Orthaheel Mens Whistler Slipper

Orthaheel Mens Whistler Slipper2This particular men’s slipper is a blended one and is imported at the same time. The gore of the slipper is twin and that makes the fitting of the slipper comfortable. The fitting of the slipper is of medium width and the fabric of the slipper is soft. It is both light weight and flexible at the same time. The outsole of the slipper is rubber made and that has wave-pattern and provides an elevated traction. This slipper was invented by the Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli and that too with the biomechanical orthotic technology for a better support and alignment to the feet. The individual wearing to the same will get relief from pains and aches in the feet.


  • It provides a great comfort.
  • Its support is very good.
  • Great for feet pain relief.


  • The sizes of the slippers are a bit large and that was a problem for some customers.

Spenco Slipper – Men’s Supreme Suede

Spenco Slipper - Men's Supreme Suede3This particular men’s slipper is synthetic made and has quilted nylon. The slipper is high quality suede. The arch support provided by this orthotic slipper helps in providing stability to the feet. The slipper provides alignment and motion control to the feet. it comes with metatarsal arch support that is padded and makes sure that the pressure is taken off from the feet to provide relief to the same.


  • It is great for the feet.
  • It is comfortable.


  • The size of the slippers is a bit bigger in size.

Slipper for women that provided relief from foot pain:

The feet of the women are tender and light and they usually need something that helps in keeping the tenderness and the softness in the feet. The sippers for foot pain and that too for woman are available in numbers but the products below are some of the best available.

Haflinger Women’s AT Slipper

Haflinger Women's AT Slipper4This particular slipper for woman is another popular one in the market that provides better care so that the person wearing the same gets a better comfort while wearing the same. The whole body of this particular is fabric and the sole of the slipper is made of rubber. The slipper can be washed in the machine and the temperature of the same can be regulated. The sole of the slipper is water resistant and that too both the side of the same. The seam of the same is split toe.


  • The slippers are very durable.
  • It is of good quality.
  • The slippers provide good support.
  • The size of the slippers is good.


  • Some customers had some problem with the arch support of the slipper.

Orthofeet Charlotte Womens Slippers

Orthofeet Charlotte Womens Slippers5This particular pail relief slipper for women is leather made one that is perfectly made to provide the tender feet of the women to be free from any pain. It helps in providing optimum comfort while wearing the same. The support that is provided by the slipper is orthotic and that means the sole that comes with the same has arch support which is anatomical the heel of the slipper has a padding that is gel based. It additionally provides great comfort while wearing the slippers. If a woman is suffering from any kinds of pain then this particular slipper can be a great help for them. It is light in weight and that is because of the cushioning that comes with the same. The design of the slipper provides a better comfort and relief while walking or putting the feet forward. The comfort that the slipper provides is while the thing fits in the feet. The padding that the slipper has comes with some extra foam which provides a soothing effect while wearing the same. Both the interior and the exterior of the slipper are comfortable and padded. The fit of the slipper is adjustable and the makes the same hug those feet while you walk with the same.


  • Wearing the slipper is very comfortable.
  • It stays warm.
  • It is great slipper for the winters.
  • It provides good support to the feet while walking with the same.
  • It is good house slipper.


  • The width of the slipper is not that great as told by the manufacturer according to some of the customers.

Orthaheel Women’s Relax Slipper

Orthaheel Women's Relax Slipper6These particular slippers are made exclusively for the women and the fabric that is used in the same is very and comfortable at the same time. The slipper is imported and that guarantees the quality of the same. The sole of the slippers are not machine made but man-made. The longing of the slippers are very comfortable and is aptly made for the ladies feet. Wearing the slipper makes the whole experience of walking with the same a great one. The stress of the body can be reduced with the usage of the slippers. The outsole of the slipper has non- marking traction. The outsole of the slipper is made of rubber and that provides a better grip. The toe style of the slipper is round in shape.


  • The slippers are very comfortable.
  • It is great for all kinds of ladies feet.
  • Women with narrow feet can also wear the same.
  • It is washable.
  • It is adjustable.
  • The outsole is rubber made and that gives a better grip to the same.


  • The price of the slippers is on the higher side.
  • Some customers have experienced that the slippers don’t provide arch support.

The above list contained some of the best slippers for foot pain relief that were appreciated by the customers. All the slippers that are listed above has some great comfort providing qualities that are absent in the normal slippers that are otherwise found in the market. Those who are interested to get such slipper can look for the same but otherwise there are different options available in the market depending on the need of the feet that the customer has and the type of comfort they want for themselves.