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The TheraBand Foot Roller is a device primarily created to help relieve pain caused by a common foot ailment called plantar fasciities. Its rolling action help stretch and increase the flexibility of the plantar fascia of patients who may also be suffering from tired feet and heel spurs. Prior to every use, the TheraBand Foot Roller can be put in a chiller or a freezer so it can be more effective in reducing inflammation.

Key Features

  • Since it is made of flexible natural rubber, the Foot Roller is slip resistant
  • Its rigid design increases the delivery of enhanced foot massage
  • Hollow core matches the contour of the foot for improved comfortability
  • Can be chilled prior to use to help reduce inflammation
  • Can be easily transported to different places because it’s small and lightweight


  • Since it’s made of natural rubber, it is slip resistant and gentle on floors
  • Can be placed in the chiller or freezer prior to use for better relaxation results
  • Easily adapts to the contour of the foot, thus making it a lot comfortable to use
  • Features a ridged design


  • Not therapeutic as promised on the website, though it helps relieve pain that is due to foot ailments
  • Does not hold the cold for too long even if it has been frozen for a few days already
  • A bit expensive

TheraBand Foot Roller Detailed Review

Design and Durability (4.5/5.0)

Thera Band Foot Roller ReviewLooking at the design of the Foot Roller, it is very much plain and simple. At only 5 inches long, it can even be mistaken as a toy. It is made of natural rubber, thus it is slip resistant and is guaranteed to not cause any scratches on the floor. The roller also features a hollow core that allows it to match the contour of each foot and experience a custom feel. However, the hollow core may be a bit of a disadvantage as this hampers the roller from doing deep tissue massage. This may explain why it does not stay cold or frozen for a long time. Moreover, it is lightweight and small. It’s highly ideal for those with foot ailments, but still needs to travel a lot.

Ease of Use (5.0/5.0)

This Foot Roller is very straightforward to use. Any user shall right away have a hint on how it’s going to effectively work, although it may take a couple of tries to really master using it. Rolling the device using a barefoot does the magic of stretching the toe with less effort. It also comes along with a user’s manual, so using the Foot Roller to perform foot or toe exercises shouldn’t be a big problem.

Reliability (4.5/5.0)

While TheraBand’s website notes that the Foot Roller is therapeutic, it is still recommended to continue other exercises or medications (if any) to fully recover from plantar fasciities. So far, it’s able to satisfy most of its promises in terms of relieving the pain and stress on the feet.

Price (4.0/5.0)

The Foot Roller has the cheapest price available on Amazon at $9.82. However, some of the core functions of the roller may just be readily available on very cheap items like a pack of ice for example.


The TheraBand Foot Roller is a helpful aid for people suffering from plantar fasciities. It’s not a therapeutic substitute, but is a recommended device to lessen pain caused by the foot ailment.