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Anyone that suffers from diabetes or joint pain and swelling knows the familiar feelings of aches and pains that can often occur in their feet. Swollen tendons and poor circulation can all make it difficult to walk or stand up. Even people who are simply standing all day can experience pain and soreness in their legs and feet.

Foot and leg massages preformed by licensed therapists can all improve circulation and relieve pain and swelling. While this method of treatment certainly works, it is often impractical and expensive to do every day. Some home foot massagers can help to alleviate some of the pain and swelling, but they are often not considered an effective treatment option.

We know that continual foot pain can decrease your quality of life, so we wanted to know if there was a medically approved foot massager that was powerful enough to treat all types of foot pain. Keep reading to see what we discovered about this variable speed foot massager.

Reviewing MediMassager Variable Speed Foot Massager

This affordable foot massager is designed to give your aching legs and feet the same relief they experience from clinical or therapeutic massages. It is ideal for anyone that is suffering from foot pain due to diabetes, arthritis, muscle cramps and poor circulation. It is easy to use and operate, and can be plugged into any 120V electrical outlet.

The massaging foot unit features 11 adjustable speed settings that vary between 1,000 and 3,700 rpm. It is recommended for home use by health professionals and therapists, and is also considered the most powerful foot massager on the market. It can help to improve circulation and improve blood flow, and help to relax tight or swollen joints and muscles

It works best on carpeted floors, and is angled upwards to cover your entire foot pad. An arch bar at the top of the massaging pad helps to knead sore heels, toes, and foot arches. The unit can also be rocked back and forth to help ease any pain in your shins and calf muscles.

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Pros and Cons :

One of the main advantages with this home massaging foot pad is that it gives you the option of choosing between 11 different speed settings. The ergonomically designed foot massager is able to reach all of the pressure points on your foot, along with improving circulation. You can relieve muscle cramps and tension caused by standing on your feet all day, and the machine can also help to treat foot pain associated with arthritis. Easy to use and more affordable than constantly visiting a therapist, this foot massager is capable of giving you back your active lifestyle.

The main concern with this foot massager is that occasionally one of the control knobs can become loose and vibrate. While this does not usually affect the machine’s operation, the rattling noise can quickly become rather annoying. Another downside to the massager is that there is not a carrying handle included with the model. While it is not heavy, it’s upward angled design can make it awkward to carry.


Conclusion :

If you are suffering from foot and leg pain due to poor circulation, arthritis, or a circulatory problem, this medical foot massager can help you get your life back again. Its powerful massaging capabilities make it ideal for loosening tense muscles and tendons, along with helping to ease the pain and swelling of foot and ankle joints. It is designed with help from the medical community, and is the most powerful foot massager in the U.S. See what it is like to walk without pain again with this therapeutic foot massaging pad.