Treat Your Anxiety With A Foot MassageStress and high anxiety levels are common in your busy life, and it can take a toll on your general health. Headaches, high blood pressure, and even heart problems can all be caused by high levels of stress and anxiety. This has lead to an increase in the popularity of massages, and in particular ones that involve the sensitive areas on your feet. According to the American Massage Therapy Association a regular foot massage can treat a variety of different health problems, including anxiety.

Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural reaction in the body that occurs when you are under a high amount of stress. It can cause cortisol, the hormone that causes stress to increase, which can result in a number of different health problems. Work, friends, family, and even relationship pressures can all cause a rise in your cortisol levels. Some of the common complaints people with high anxiety levels suffer include digestive problems, circulatory problems, and even a dangerous increase in the body’s sugar levels.

How a Home Foot Massager Can Help

A home foot massager is more convenient than going to a spa for a regular massage. It is also more economical. The massaging unit can target the pressure points in your feet to help ease stress and tension. A foot massager helps to relieve anxiety not only by help you to relax, but by also targeting specific areas in your feet. By stimulating certain pressure points, your brain can be prompted to release certain endorphins.

Commonly referred to as the “feel good hormones”, it can naturally relieve stress and tension. When your cortisol levels decrease, you will also notice that you feel less anxious. These same endorphins also help to promote healthy sleep, which can also cause your stress levels to dramatically decrease. A home foot massaging unit is safer than many anti anxiety medications, and does not include the risk of dangerous side effects.

Purchase a Foot Massager

If you’re not in the position to pay for someone to massage your feet, invest in a foot massager to reduce your anxiety. Below are some important considerations to make throughout your search so you can purchase the best device for you.


If you wish to transport your foot massager around with you, consider opting for a portable design. Fortunately, the market has many lightweight and smaller devices that are suitable for carrying to different locations.

Different Massage Settings

Many of the best foot massages have multiple massage settings, though you might not need to purchase a device with all of these options. A heated massage is excellent for the winter, although you may wish to check with your doctor first if you have medical conditions. As the warmth transfers around your feet, you’ll feel relaxed and cozy.

A shiatsu massage is possible with open and closed design massages. This type of massage applies pressure to the different parts of your feet and relaxes your muscles. It’s also proven to help improve your blood circulation.

A kneading massage is a popular type of massage but is noticeably different on a device compared to someone performing it with their hands. Also, are you looking for a unit that offers air pressure massage? This type of massage targets the sides of your feet and your arches. This is an effective massage at alleviating tension.

Finally, oscillating massage applies pressure to your feet, particularly on the upper part.

Improve Your General Health

Stress and anxiety can also cause other health conditions, and some can be serious. Regular foot massages can improve circulation, which can help promote good heart health. Lower anxiety levels generally results in lower blood pressure, and fewer migraine headaches. The higher cortisol levels can also affect arthritis and cause back pain, all of which can be treated with a foot massage.

By simply taking a few minutes each day to relax and treat yourself to a foot massage, you can start to see an immediate improvement in your general health. Along with all of the healthy benefits you get from lower stress and anxiety levels, you also get to enjoy treating yourself. See an improvement in your mood, and see what a difference walking without foot pain can make. With a home foot massager, you can finally experience a better quality of life.