It’s the most romantic time of the year, and it’s time to indulge yourself with a Valentine’s Day pedicure. We all want to look and feel good for our loved ones, especially on the 14th of February, and pretty feet help complete the image. However, if you teach your partner how to perform the pedicure for you, then Valentine’s Day may become a day to remember!

Much of the world remains in lockdown, so a DIY pedicure has become necessary due to store closures and self-isolation. Yet, smooth, supple, gorgeous looking feet always make us feel better, especially if our loved ones get involved. Consequently, our step-by-step pedicure guide may help make your Valentine’s Day a special one.

Valentine’s Day Pedicure

Who said that romance is dead? It turns out that the USA remains one of the most romantic nations in the world, with 94 percent of Americans passionately believing in true love. And at least 55 percent of Americans plan on celebrating Valentine’s day in one form or another.

Whether it is a romantic meal, a beautiful card, or a thoughtful gift, showing a loved one you care may never feel as important as it does now. However, what about giving your partner or instructing your partner in a Valentine’s Day pedicure?

Sensual touch

Start by soaking your feet in a warm water bath filled with aromatic oils and salts. Massaging your feet could certainly inspire some Valentine’s Day spirit as your partner lovingly smoothes your skin.

Take the time to remove any old nail polish gently. Tenderly work on each toe before trimming the nails and smoothing any uneven edges with a nail file.

Buff and polish

By the time you caress those feet and work a little moisturizer into the skin, you’re ready for the color. A couple of passionate red polish coats may feel appropriate for the occasion, followed by a romantic meal for two.

The result of your hard work is beautiful looking feet for your DIY Valentine’s Day pedicure.

A Brief History

Valentine's Day Pedicure

The exact origins of Valentine’s Day remain shrouded in mystery. However, historians favor a priest named Valentine who served in third-century Rome.

Emperor Claudius II decreed that only single men should serve in his army. He felt that single men with no ties made better soldiers, so he outlawed the marriage of men in his service. As a result, the priest Valentine felt so outraged by the injustice that he married soldiers in secret.

As you may expect, Claudius found out about the duplicity and sentenced Valentine to death. Sadly, Valentine lost his head, and the legend of Valentine’s Day was born.

Step by Step Pedicure Guide

Treat your Valentine’s Day pedicure like a special event. It’s a time to feel utterly pampered and a chance for your partner to show you just how much they care. Alternatively, you may wish to give your partner a DIY pedicure as a special Valentine’s treat, so you need to have everything at hand ready to shower your loved one with affection. Follow our step-by-step pedicure guide to provide the perfect Valentine’s Day pedicure.

Enjoy the preparation

The first steps may feel intimate, so enjoy the romantic sensation that both parties should appreciate.

Start by removing any old polish from the toenails. Use soft cotton pads soaked in nail polish remover to gently breakdown existing paint. Hold the unfused cotton pad against each toenail for a few seconds before carefully wiping away the unwanted finish. Take the time to remove every scrap of old polish.

Alternatively, you may use nail polish remover pads for this first step. Whichever method you use, it is essential you thoroughly remove the old finish to attain a smooth lacquered finish at the end.

A tinge of color

Sometimes you may find that the toenails remain stained with a yellow tinge. Darker nail polish colors such as reds and purples tend to stain the toenail. However, you may use a little cuticle oil over each nail to lighten the nails’ color and condition.

The best part

Who doesn’t love to soak their feet in a warm water bath? The sensation relaxes you and makes your feet feel lovely, and may represent the perfect opportunity for you both to enjoy a cheeky glass of wine.

Set the scene for your Valentine’s pedicure by lighting a few candles and perhaps some incense sticks to make it feel romantic.

Soaking your feet softens any hard skin and the nail cuticles. Use a large basin half-filled with warm water and add some essential oils or bath salts to soothe away stress. Allow your feet to soak in the luxury bath of heavenly delight while enjoying your glass of wine.

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A little treat

At this point, a little foot massage feels appropriate. The sensation of the warm water around your feet and toes as caring hands rub your feet may feel divine, and, after all, it is a Valentine’s Day pedicure.

The skin is dead, not the romance

If either of you is ticklish, this next step may cause some hilarity because once the feet have soaked, it’s time to remove any old dead skin.

A lovely soft, fluffy towel is perfect for patting those pampered feet dry.

A foot file or pumice stone remains the perfect choice for removing any hard, dead skin. While you both may start laughing as you work around the feet, it’s worth taking the time to remove as much dry skin as possible to leave lovely, smooth feet.

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A quick note

While you must pay particular attention to the heels, take care not to overdo it. The last thing you want on Valentine’s Day is sore feet because you have rubbed them too hard!

A quick trim

Top up your wine glass and set another incense stick to burn as you move onto the next stage. It’s time to trim those toenails.

Use a good pair of toenail trimmers to trim each nail to size. You don’t have to worry about the edges yet but make sure the clippings don’t ping around the room or land in your wine glass.

Gorgeous shape

The last part of the trimming process uses a nail file to smooth each nail’s edges and add shape. Your partner may not feel confident here, but a little gentle instruction as you sip your wine may see the job completed in no time.

Don’t rush. Take your time until you feel happy with the nails’ shape, and the edges look smooth and gorgeous. Then pour yourselves another glass of wine.

Cuticle love

It’s best to leave trimming the cuticles to the professionals. Cuticles protect your nails from bacteria, so it’s best you don’t mess about with them. Instead, show them some love by using orange sticks to push back each cuticle.

Slicked up

Now it’s time to get a little messy. Cuticle oil makes a significant difference to your nails’ health and makes a major difference to each toenail’s shine. Work the cuticle oil into each toenail with your fingers, massaging each toe until the oil sinks in. Your partner may thank you for it. Plus, the cuticle oil strengthens and protects your nails.

Brave heart

While you may enjoy this part the most, it’s also an essential element for your feet’ health and beauty.

It’s time to massage the feet with a fabulous foot moisturizer. Massage the moisturizer or oil into each toe, taking the time to work the solution into the skin. Pay particular attention to the soles and heels.

If you go to a spa, they usually massage the ankles and part of the way up the calves, so you may want to do that as well. Doing so will help melt any tension away.

It’s all about the base

If you survive the previous stage, and your hands don’t tremble, then it’s time to pay some attention to the toenails.

A solid base coat for your nail polish remains an essential ingredient in achieving the perfect finish. The base coat acts as a barrier between natural oils from your nails and the polish. So, the barrier creates a smooth surface for a perfect finish.

Degrees of separation

You may wish to instruct your partner to use nail separators for these final stages. However, you may laugh out loud at the sight of the sponges between your toes. Any way you slice it, if you don’t want nail polish on the skin, the separators are essential.

Choose a color

Pretty feet remain just a few steps away, and you want to finish with a color of your choice. Red feels appropriate for the occasion, but you may choose a fabulous metallic or stylish clear finish to complete your transformation.

Apply two thin coats of nail polish to each toe, leaving them dry for a few minutes between each coat. If you make a mess of it, use the orange stick to clean up any mistakes.

You need a steady hand for this bit. Sadly, you may wish to discard your glass of wine while you concentrate. However, it doesn’t need to remain too far out of reach!

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Grand finale

It may feel excessive to apply a topcoat. However, the topcoat helps prevent the finish from chipping and makes all that hard work last longer. It also gives your toes a divine finish.

Apply a layer of the topcoat and leave it dry before removing the toe separators. This is the perfect opportunity to finish off that bottle of wine and admire your hard work.

Once dry, the topcoat leaves your toes with a shiny, long-lasting finish. Now that your Valentine’s Day pedicure is finished, you have pretty feet that look good and feel soft. Maybe it’s time to cook a special meal for the two of you.

Valentine’s Day Pedicure Explored

Valentine’s Day remains a popular celebration and the perfect excuse to show your partner how much you care. What better way to prove your love than performing a DIY pedicure? As we live in a world of uncertainty, with lockdowns and store closures, a step-by-step pedicure guide may form our only path towards pretty feet.

Take the time to set the scene by lighting candles and incense burners to create a romantic atmosphere. Set out two glasses and a bottle of your favorite wine to transform the pedicure into a romantic event.

Make sure to have everything at the ready. A foot bath, essential oils, towels, moisturizer, and nail polishes form your necessary tools, while a pumice stone and orange sticks come in handy. Take the time to follow each step so that both of you enjoy the experience.

Valentine’s day represents the opportunity to spend some quality time together, and as we live in extraordinary times, appreciating each other may never feel so vital.

How do you spend Valentine’s day? Perhaps you have a special meal or tradition that you share together. Why not comment in the space below and share your Valentine’s Day with us?

Sean Kerr lives in Cardiff, Wales, and is a published author with over 10 novels to his name so far and still counting. As well as writing his next bestseller, Sean also runs a successful jewelry making business and sells his creations online.